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Ben-Hur is a free to play digital download available on Xbox One. An obvious tie-in to the upcoming movie (in theaters 8-19-16), Ben-Hur isn’t a great game by any means but is actually an interesting take on a licensed IP.  Instead of making a low-quality game tie-in, like Ghostbusters, Ben-Hur is completely void of any monetary transactions.  Why would someone play this free game?  Well, it is a super easy way to boost your gamerscore as Achievements are worth a lot for doing very little.  It is short, only uses a few buttons, and is difficult.

Is Ben-Hur this generation’s Yaris? Either way, i think i prefer this short and sweet, completely free marketing tactic versus the “pay $60 for a complete piece of crap” marketing ploy.  Since it is free and my gamerscore got a quick boost, it is hard to complain.  If you have an Xbox One, download and play it for ten minutes; you’ll unlock most Achievements without even trying.

Enjoy the stream:

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