Do You Get Motion Sickness from VR or Gaming? Reliefband is Supposed to Help.

Here at myGamer, we received a press release about this unique product. This post is NOT paid in anyway, we just thought it is something a little different. If you happened to have used this thing, let us know what you think in the comments section below.


“Stepping into the world of Virtual Reality? you can now get “relief” from any motion-sickness and still conquer the game.

In recent years, there has been a correlation between excessive video gaming and motion sickness. During gaming, there is a disconnect between what the eyes are seeing vs. what the body is actually feeling. The body believes it has been poisoned and hallucinates the movement being seen and played, inciting a nausea feeling and urge to vomit and flush the toxins from the body.

Reliefband, an innovative wearable technology brand, tackles the mysterious science of motion sickness. The groundbreaking neuromodulation therapy works as well as any prescription medication, and provides relief from nausea in minutes. The FDA approved wearable and rechargeable Reliefband uses the body’s own neural pathways to turn off nausea.

Simply, it delivers gentle pulses to the median nerve at a pressure point located at the wrist. The pulses transmit a signal to the nausea control center of the brain to resolve the conflict between what we see and what we feel to dispel all feelings of nausea.

Now with Reliefband, gamers can hit their mark and reach their personal best – free from nausea and motion-sickness woes.  Priced under $100, Reliefband is currently sold at, and can also be found online at”

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