Mechanic Battle mixes racing with car fixing – now available on Switch

Mechanic Battle, a unique game that combines arcade racing with work as a car mechanic, will premiere this May 25. The creators described the game as a mix of Micro Machines-style races and elements known from the Car Mechanic Simulator. Mechanic Battle is a Nintendo Switch exclusive.

Mechanic Battle is a game created by independent Polish studio Cat-astrophe Games, known for titles like The Unholy Society, Foodtruck Arena and Theatre of Sorrows. The game’s publisher is MobilWay S.A., which has recently released a side-scrolling action game, Robo Wars for Nintendo Switch.

In Mechanic Battle, the player takes part in races while having to take care of the car in the workshop at the same time.The gameplay is based on an arcade-style driving style with an isometric view. Racing is not enough; the player has to take the role of a car mechanic and choose the optimal settings.

“It’s something of a mix between the cult favourite Micro Machines and simulator elements of Car Mechanic Simulator. Both influences are equally important. The proper setting of vehicle’s parameters and taking care of car’s state directly impact the player’s chances of winning a race,” said Łukasz Zabłocki, CEO, MobilWay S.A.

Cat-astrophe Games studio has prepared an extensive career mode, 10 car models and 24 varied routes. There are 3 types of races – classic race, time attack and elimination. The players will find many options for car parts’ repair/replacement and will be able to customize and tune the car in a myriad of ways. The creators have emphasized the career mode takes 4-5 hours on average to complete.

“The career mode has the player start with a simple vehicle in a bad state. Of course, until the vehicle is restored and upgraded, a win at a race is nothing but wishful thinking.The player unlocks better cars and additional options as they progress. During our work on Mechanic Battle, we’ve paid great attention to keeping the right balance between work at the garage and races. As a result, the gameplay is consistent, doesn’t get boring, and provides players with a lot of fun,” Paweł Wojciechowicz, CEO, Cat-astrophe Games, pointed out.

Mechanic Battle – main features:

  • arcade racing;
  • car mechanic simulator;
  • 10 types of cars and 24 routes;
  • expansive career mode;
  • a vast amount of customization and tuning options.

The release date of Mechanic Battle in digital distribution (Nintendo eShop) is planned for May 25th 2022.

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