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Maggie The Magnet is a physics-based puzzle platformer that only costs $5. Playing as a magnet with the ability to turn on/off her magnet powers at will, it is your job to reach the goal of each single-screened stage, collect optional items, hit switches, and avoid traps along the way.

The gimmick comes from swinging through each stage, using the momentum from the magnet’s attraction to fly and roll towards the goal. In short, it is like you have an invisible grapple hook. Without having direct control (the analog stick does nothing), the player needs to time button presses to get where you need to go.

Each stage is a single screen and the difficultly is well paced throughout the 150 stages. It starts simple enough but gradually becomes more challenging. Completing each stage might only take a few seconds but you might need to retry multiple times, especially towards the end, to reach the goal.

Visually, the soft pastel visuals are simple and do their part, but the Banjo Kazooie-like soundtrack is unexpected. If you were blind folded and were just listening to the soundtrack, you would assume you were playing a Rare platforming game in the 64-bit era. It is good, and it oddly works with this cartoony game, it is just unexpected to have something of this quality in a $5 digital download. Sometimes the color palette swaps to a different color. Not sure why or how this happens but it is just one of those things that doesn’t affect gameplay but is sort of cool that it is there.

There are many platforming games like this on the market, many of which have also been released by EastAsiaSoft, but Maggie The Magnet’s gameplay is attractive (see what I did there). By no means is it anything you have not played dozens of times before, but the invisible grapple hook gameplay is fun in short bursts and features easy Achievements.

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By: Zachary Gasiorowski, Editor in Chief

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Our Rating - 7


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A simple physics-based platforming puzzler that is well paced and features a fun gimmick when played in short bursts.

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