Influence the world’s fate with The Last Survey on Switch – trailer here

Immerse yourself in the most unique story-rich experience  about the Earth’s bleak future, shown on hand-drawn sketchy visuals. In this black and white world devastated by big companies, your job is to deliver a survey that can save the planet.

The Last Survey, an amazing narrative visual novel maintained in minimalist aesthetic by Essay Games, arrives on Nintendo Switch on August 6th, 2021, thanks to a global publisher! Pre-order starts TODAY!


Each scene is beautifully designed with black and white drawings. 1500 hand-illustrated black and white sketches create gorgeous animations in front of your eyes, emphasizing the importance of environmental problems. They’re disturbing but at the same time you want to keep watching them to see what will happen. 

The excellent soundtrack by Lewis Kopenhafer further highlights the atmosphere of criticism of the modern world.

The story forces you to reflect on issues related to globalism, extraction capitalism and executive greed, which all have a negative impact on the environment. The main protagonist’s silhouette is memorable for a long time, leaving you with many different emotions. 

Mega-corporations destroy the environment on a daily basis and you must stop them before it’s too late. As a specialist hired by a big company, your task is to deliver a survey, which can influence the world’s fate.

The Last Survey is a game in which your choices will shape your adventure. Do everything in your power to encourage your employer to reconsider the consequences of his actions that have a devastating influence on our planet.

The Last Survey will arrive in Nintendo eShop on August 6th 2021! The pre-order starts today, and on this occasion, the game is 40% OFF!


  • over 1500 of hand-drawn drawings –  digital, graphite, and charcoal arts
  • Choose-Your-Own Adventure – lead the story with monologue and dialog options
  • multiple endings depending on how you conduct yourself
  • dynamic soundtrack – created by famous artist Lewis Kopenhafer
  • story-rich narrative – with themes like globalism, extractionist capitalism and executive greed

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