Club Nintendo – October 2012 Summary

October has been a unique month for Club Nintendo members as it has been filled with several different classic games instead of original WiiWare titles.   If you don’t know what Club Nintendo is or how it works, check this out.

3D Classics: Urban Champion was available for 150 Coins from Oct 8 – Oct 21.  Urban Champion, aka One-Of-The-Worst-Games-Ever-Made, should not be downloaded by anyone even if it is free.  And this updated 3D version does not improve the game in any way, shape, or form.  This was pretty much the worst way to waste 150 Coins.  Do not feel bad, at all, if you missed this. This game is terrible. Always was. Always will be.

Pro Putt Domo

At the time of this article’s posting, Pro-Putt Domo is available as a 100 Coin download via the 3DS eShop.  Thing is, this Domo game was originally released on the GBA with four other Domo mini games.  However, Nintendo decided to split up this compilation and release each game separately as DSiWare titles.  Each one of these Domo games are nothing special but Pro-Putt is pretty much the best one even though it is nothing that will hold your attention for more than 15 minutes.  For 100 Coins, I say skip it.  But this probably means that Nintendo is going to release Crash-Course Domo, White-Water Domo, Rock-n-Roll Domo, and Hard-Hat Domo sometime in the near future too.   I am a fan of the Domo, but these will be wastes as well. Pro-Putt will be available until Nov 4, 2012.

Super Punch Out SNES

Super Punch-Out is available as a Wii Virtual Console download for 150 coins and will be available until Nov 14, 2012.  Normally available for an $8 purchase, Super Punch-Out is worthy of your 150 Coins especially if you were a fan of the original.   One thing to note is that this game requires the Wii Classic Controller to play.  And as a completely random side note, if you like the Punch-Out series you should check out Virtual Boy’s TeleroBoxer.

DK Original

As one last Club Nintendo tidbit, Nintendo is offering a FREE download code for Donkey Kong: Original Version when you purchase one of the following games and register them with Club Nintendo:  Paper Mario Sticker Star, Art Academy Lessons for Everyone, Style Savvy Trendsetters, Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask, and Crosswords Plus.  This special edition of DK has never been released in the US and features a unique pie factory stage.  This is the only way to obtain this game and will be available until Jan 6, 2013.

With Halloween as the big holiday in October, I am surprised Nintendo did not offer Halloween or scary themed games for their Club Nintendo program.  But this is probably just my wish of having Castlevania Adventure Rebirth being part of the Club Nintendo program coming out again.

Let’s see what happens in November…

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