Check Out Popular Final Fantasy Characters in the new Japan-Only Dissidia Arcade Game

Square Enix, partnering with Temco Koei, is about to release a brand new Dissidia arcade fighting game in Japan simply called Dissidia Final Fantasy.  This would be the third game in the Dissidia series, the first two being on PSP.  Unique to this sequel is the 3v3 fighting mechanic.  Scheduled for a November 26, 2015 release in Japan, there are currently no plans to bring this title stateside.

Since we cannot play this game, at least we can enjoy the trailers below that highlight one specific character in the series.  One thing that stands out is the fast paced rock music; keep your ears open when you watch these trailers. It also would be cool if more characters were available than the “one-per-sequel” like in the previous PSP titles.  Zack from FFVII?  Shadow from FFVI? Edge from FFIV?  Quina from FFIX?  Just joking on that last one but one can hope.

Strangely enough, Bartz from FFV is named Butz and Titus looks like a chick.  Either way, check out these trailers for Dissidia Final Fantasy.

Warrior of Light – Final Fantasy

Firion – Final Fantasy II

Onion Kinght – Final Fantasy III

Cecil – Final Fantasy IV

Bartz (also known as Butz) – Final Fantasy V

Terra (also known as Tina) – Final Fantasy VI

Cloud – Final Fantasy VII

Squall – Final Fantasy VIII

Zidane – Final Fantasy IX

Tidus – Final Fantasy X

Shantotto – Final Fantasy XI

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