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Ransacking the Bin –

Who doesn’t like a good deal?  Clearance bin shopping is always entertaining because you never know what treasures you might find for dirt cheap.

In a random trip to the local mall, I decided to meander through the Sears electronic section knowing they have been clearancing off games and other gadgetry.  In previous trips through Sears bargain bin, I found a copy of Hot Shots Golf Open Tee 2 for PSP for $0.97, one copy of Silent Hill Origins on PSP for about $5, and a non-Greatest Hits version of Animal Crossing on Wii for under $10.  While I have a deep respect for the Sears bin, I found yet another deal the other day which could perhaps be my greatest.

PSP Mem Card3

Hidden on an end cap in the corner of the store were several 2gb Memory Stick Micros with Duo adaptor marked down to $0.97 each!  To further clarify, these are PSP memory cards, compatible with all PSP systems, and originally retailed for big buckos. In comparison, Amazon currently sells these units for about $20 each. These are the official Sony brand and are the micro versions which have increased versatility.  The included adapter only adds functionality.

PSP Mem Cards

5 for $5 – But this is better than Arby’s

Perhaps I am the only one to get excited about this as I still use my PSP and constantly battle digital storage space.  After clearing out the shelf, I am now essentially 10gb richer in PSP memory space as there were five cards available. Grand total with tax = $5.27.  That breaks down to about fifty-cents per gig.

PSP Mem Card Receipt

The proof.

The point of this story – it literally pays to scourer the bins.  Keep your eye out because you never know what you will find.

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