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  • @squallsnake
  • June 14, 2018

I own this game on GC (played the hell outta it) and also bought the XBLA version for online play. Still don't mind re-buying this game yet again just to (finally) be able to play in true vertical mode. Nicalis has been releasing nothing but high quality titles on...

Going to be totally honest here. If Square releases this in America with full English translation AND adds online co-op... my life will finally have a meaning. I would be willing to easily lay down a full $60 to make this happen.

This is actually a really good list. Very true.

This game trolls the player brilliantly which adds a level of humor not often seen. You even collect Mario coins at one point. This game knows exactly what it is doing and isn't afraid to hide it.

So. Many. Songs!

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