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    Do you think games are worth their current retail price?

    Considering the amount of work that goes into the writing, developing, coding, marketing, and distributing of these games, I would say that it is definitely worth the money. True, it's a decent chunk of your paycheck, but these people need to eat as well. That being said, check the reviews of...
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    What's Your Opinion on Games Where You Farm Materials/Stuff?

    Sometimes, when I feel lazy and I honestly have nothing better to do, then I'll probably bring up games like those just to kill a little bit of time. I honestly don't mind, and I think you can feel like having a sense of accomplishment from these games, albeit you can probably get more from...
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    The "Fake Gamer Girl" idea needs to die now, please

    I think the majority of the male gaming community welcomes girls and treats them as equals. I feel like most of these opinions are made by 12-14 year olds that want to seem edgy and rebellious. It's unfortunate that there are people that think this way. Some girls are very obsessed with their...
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    What Attracts Gamers to Violent Games?

    I don't think that gamers are more "attracted" to violence anymore than a normal person is. I think the majority of gamers know that what they're playing is a game, and shooting people or beating someone up in a game is just for harmless fun, or as an obstacle to overcome. I don't think what...
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    Is it worth it?

    Well, there have been a few critically lauded games that are exclusively released for the PS4, such as The Last of Us. It's been a while since the PS4 was released, and there are probably tons of refurbished ones on the web. I can't afford one right now, so I'm sticking to PC gaming. However...
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    Adventure games

    I feel like there's only so much you can do before games start following a similar pattern. The mechanics that new games introduce aren't really that different from others, but that's what makes them inclusive of more people in the gaming community. However, the story is what makes it...
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    Will you get GTA V for PC?

    I'll be getting it, but not immediately. Probably a few months after release as I have yet to be caught up with the franchise. I've been pretty busy with school lately, and unfortunately there just hasn't been enough time for gaming. Definitely excited though!
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    What game got you started?

    I didn't really have access to many games. The first game I remember playing was super smash brothers on the Nintendo 64. I thought it was great, and I kept beating my friend. I moved on to GameBoy after that and played some pokemon. Then I got a laptop, Steam, and I just played more from...
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    Whats your favorite FPS ever?

    Oooh hard question. It's a difficult decision between the Borderlands series and the Bioshock series. I found Borderlands to be hilarious and the number of guns that are in the game are just so cool, and you feel the need to collect all of them. Bioshock, on the other hand, was really fun due...
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    Does the influx of younger games disturb you?

    We were all kids once, and we were just as annoying. We just happen to interact less with other kids because we didn't have the internet. The mast of anonymity that comes with multiplayer gaming makes it easy for younger games to make crass remarks and get away with it. I feel like parents...
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    Do you play Minecraft?

    I played for a bit, and it was nice. I got to express a bit of creativity and battling monsters was fun. I just got bored after a while, and it didn't really interest me as I first played it. However, I guess it would've been more fun if I joined other people on a server. I'll definitely try...
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    PC-Ports - Should we demand better?

    I'm not really in the financial situation to be able to afford a console right now, and buying something just to dedicate to gaming is not really feasible in my situation. I bought an extra nice laptop. I can use if for school, coding, writing, and making presentations. Gaming just so happens...
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    Kingdom Hearts?

    I'm quite excited too. I felt like it was kind of the Who Framed Roger Rabbit or games, where you just have many different characters in one game. Of course, that's only part of the appeal of it. The gameplay was great, the story was great, and integrating many Disney characters into this...
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    PC Gaming Dead? Lol

    I feel like PC will always be more ubiquitous than any console. With a console, all it is is a media and entertainment center. You play games, you watch Netflix, you buy more games. Mostly everyone owns a computer capable of gaming. With a PC, you can do essentially all that stuff, and more...
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    Top 3 Exclusive PS3 Games

    My top 3 list would have to be 1) Beyond two souls 2) Uncharted series 3) God of War I felt having actors actually perform motion capture for a video game was very interesting, and most certainly got me excited about having a PS3 to play it.