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    Who's waiting for a price drop?

    I'm waitin' I am a price drop chick and will definantly wait until the PS3 drops a couple notches before purchasing. Besides I am currently trying to play 200 PS2 games before I purchase the PS3 (currently at 85). A sista got a way to go. <<<<<<31 DAYS UNTIL THE END BEGINS!>>>>>>
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    What games are you currently playing?

    Yes are a beast :) Indigo Prophecy is pretty hip. It is a different type of game play. No runnin' and gunnin', but it does test your mind and reflexes. I was playing until 1 this morning it can get addictive.
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    What games are you currently playing?

    Indigo Prophecy
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    The mygamer lottery that is :biggrin: Ohhh the points baby!!!
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    How do you buy games

    I buy my games online. ONLY BUY FRESHLY NEW GAMES online. NEVER EVER BUY USED. If your disc has a problem, you will have to pay hell and some change to exchange for another. I use They usually have cheaper prices than any other store or online websites, plus they have $1...
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    Happy Bday Skeith...

    Feliz Cumpleanos!!! And many more!!1:taekwondo
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    Sifl & Olly

    Will do. You can me to your list if you want :meow:
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    Sifl & Olly

    To anyone that is interested...I have recently discovered and this morning while at work it came across my mind to put in a search for the Sifl & Olly show. AMAZING!!! I found over 50 clips of this hilarious puppet show. If you want to see some clips of Sifl & Olly, Aeon Flux...
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    Hey!! I just ate some honey roasted peanuts...there were ummmhmmm good.
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    I love youtube! I just stumbled across a few days ago when we were asked to click on links on the links page for mygamer. I have been using to view the conflicts that are abruptions in the Middle East. I have came across some videos that give a message and...
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    How do you get rid of old books?

    It depends on what type of books you are selling, but you can try I think you can take your old books to libraries, Barnes & Nobles, Boarders, and Books-A-Million will buy books from folks. The best place to sell your books are to small family owned...
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    My talk with an ad-bot

    O0 Spudly: oh? then what state do you live in? gils sales: i am glad to see you here gils sales: may be we can be friends O0 Spudly: no gils sales: :-D O0 Spudly: so what state do you live in? gils sales: South O0 Spudly: that isn't even a state! This is hilarious. I wonder which...
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    New Contest: MyGamer Arcade!!!

    Fat Boy Raids The Cookie Factory! This game needs to be a def. add on in the arcade room along Taco Loco....classics. There are some weird games in the arcade room also...I must admit I kinda enjoyed playing "Girl Power!" lol.
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    The end of E3

    I am def. making it to the next conference. I must admit I get little jealous when I see the news about the conference on the net in the papers. Very glad to hear that they are continuing the confernce!
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    to the movies!!!

    Great Thread!! I would love to see "The Mark of Kri" or "The Rise of Kasai" made into a movie. With the right director and some good special effects I think this movie/game would really kick some ass. "The Thing" was next on my list...although they have already made the video game for the...