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    Top choices for PS3 games?

    I was wondering why no one had mentioned Metal Gear Solid 4. That was honestly one of my favorite games. Another console only game that you really should give a try is Red Dead Redemption.
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    Cube World!

    I had followed it for a long time before its release and was really excited when Wollay released the Alpha. I expected slow updates to the game but not that the game wouldn't get a patch in almost 2 years. At this point I kind of expect the game to be dead.
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    What was the best game of 2014?

    There are very few games that I still play that were released in 2014 on the PC (seeing as this is the PC board and EXCLUDES consoles people) the game I've played the most of was the Sims 4. 2014 was a good year for early access games that haven't yet been released, but rather poor one for game...
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    If all electronic games were unusuable tomorrow, what games will you play?

    I know quite a few card games that I could always fall back to if I needed to. We don't have any board games. I love chess but don't have anyone to play with. I suppose if there were no online opponents to play I would probably join a local chess club.
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    What is your favorite game from the GTA series?

    I still havent finished playing V yet, I keep getting drawn to GTA Online. I love GTA Online but wish that the different missions tied together a bit better and there was more of a story to it. I kind of thought there was going to be after the introduction that you go through after creating a...
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    Have you used Playstation NOW yet?

    You would be right that my focus has been shifted more to the PC over the past few months. I am going to have to give it a looksie because that would be totally amazing. Hopefully they have some of the games that I was interested in.
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    Sports Games?

    I play a bit of Madden and a bit of the NHL series. NHL series threw out a really lackluster game this year and removed a lot of features as compared to the last game in the series that I played. Unless they get their act together I won't be getting next years version. I used to play a lot of...
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    Anyone waitting for Warcraft IV?

    There are a lot of different ways the RTS games can be designed. Starcraft series has for the most part been about macro unit control. Early game each unit is important but as you get more each unit becomes less so. Eventually you get to the point where you are building things in mass and the...
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    If you could only play three games...

    My Three games keeps changing. Seems like if you ask me at different points of the year what my games would be I will give you different answers. Crusader Kings 2 is the most common member of this list. Since its release I don't think I've failed to include it. I love the replayability of it...
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    Do you play browser games?

    I don't dismiss a game simply because it is browser based. Minecraft was browser based for a long time before they finally released a standalone client. Right now there aren't any games that I play using the browser. Some in the past other than Minecraft were Runescape, Nation States, and a...
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    Steam Trading Cards

    I used to love them when they first came out and not available to everyone. People were spending a lot of money crafting badges and the like. You could easily sell just about any card for $.50. Now though that its out of beta and everyone is earning cards and selling them its lucky if you get...
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    Anyone work on/develop their own game?

    I have done a few games in C++ but they have all been Text adventures and stuff. I am not skilled enough in GUI development to really make my own full fledged game.
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    Favorite game music

    Any game that Jeremy Soule has worked on has an absolutely amazing soundtrack. Some of my favorites are from the Guild Wars and Elder Scrolls franchises. Guild Wars 2 is probably my favorite of the bunch though despite my not actually liking the game. Fear Not this Night - Jeremy Soule
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    Whats your favorite FPS ever?

    Return to Castle Wolfenstein is the FPS I have spent the most time playing. Even though the game is almost 18 years old I still love watching it on Twitch. Its the game that introduced me to the modding scene and for that I will forever be grateful. In the end no real good mods were released for...
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    Anyone waitting for Warcraft IV?

    I fully expect it to happen at some point. WoW isn't going to last forever, Hearthstone is a good way to keep people interested in the franchise but its not really adding anything to it. I think we will see another Warcraft RTS before we see Diablo 4 or Starcraft 3.