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    boring???? lets play

    Neither. Both of those sheets sound uncomfortably warm to me. But I guess silk if I have to answer. By the way...can't believe this thread is still going! Question: Since I obviously don't get on MG much anymore, how will people contact me the most? Via my email -...
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    MyGamer FPS!!!

    and put lots of sexual references in it. err. i mean references to staff.
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    Let's Make a Story!

    Without beer they
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    Sony Fails

    well, the PSP has one foot in the grave (or is this the second?) target no longer sells the UMD (mini-movies) for the PSP. cause they sucked. bye PSP.
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    I'm annoyed.

    i think the retro aspect of 2d gaming will make a come-back, like everything else. there's still so much with that genre that can be explored, and yes with the tech you can do wondrous things and not have to worry about all the CRAZY graphics and stuff. i think the wii will actually be a big...
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    WarioWare Twisted

    how come i never even heard of this game? speaking of the warioware series -- has anyone played the GC version? and if so does it have 4 player and if so is it fun? my sister and her bf are coming up to visit this weekend and it'd be fun to play a party game. we have mario party (two of...
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    Honeymoon Woes

    who'd you go through? we have yet to book our honeymoon even though our one year anniversary (september 3rd) is rapidly approaching. we are most likely going to go with apple vacations. if that's not who you were using, check them out. if that's who they were using...i maybe should rethink...
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    I'm annoyed.

    by the way "the voice" welcome to mygamer. please stick around in spite of spuds
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    Mario Kart

    its possible people cheat. i mean...where there's a will there's a hack.
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    A theological discussion

    no i dont have a hooka but my old college roommate used to make them out of lamps and stuff. he had a KISS hooka too.
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    Total Points?

    sure. if i find time soon. which i probably will.
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    Mario Kart

    i really dislike playing mario kart online. people always disconnect before they lose and it doesn't count as a victory for me (assuming i actually won). since me winning doesn't happen that often, it would nice for it to count. and not so much just for the rank but just the feeling of...
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    Only Post If...

    i don't even know man. all those games seem exactly the same to me. where's maverick? i know he's probably played all those.
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    A theological discussion

    *looks around for his hooka* been a long time since i've felt like i was in a stoned conversation. no offense, but that is the kind of stuff i usually thought of mostly when under the influence of mary-ja-wanna. i think that's a valid explanation, but sometimes after thinking about these...
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    Countdown to 5000.........

    next member is 5000 !!