Fight Crab gets free DLC and live action trailer

Mastiff, in partnership with Calappa Games, announced the release of an epic new live-action story trailer and a free downloadable update, featuring shiny new in-game skins for their 3D action battle game, Fight Crab.

You can check out our coverage of Fight Crab HERE.


Fight Crab update 1.2.0 addresses a number of fixes and makes several gameplay balance adjustments, but also adds special Gold, Silver, and Copper skins, which can be selected and applied to any of Fight Crab’s 23 crabby combatants. In order to unlock these lustrous new skins, players must first complete Fight Crab’s Campaign Mode.


In addition to update 1.2.0, Mastiff has also released a new live-action story trailer for Fight Crab which weaves all three live-action trailers together to create one mega epic live-action trailer filled with mind-blowing historical facts, shocks, surprises, and explosions too!


This crab-filled smorgasbord isn’t over just yet! Mastiff is kicking off the holiday season with a 15% off sale on Fight Crab, which runs through November 30 on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch™!

This absurdly hilarious 3D action battle game, featuring intense claw-to-claw combat and over-the-top single-player and multiplayer modes, is now available in North America, Europe and Australia.

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