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    What are all the best ranking systems for Fifa Soccer 2005?

    Karson, We ran an interview article in January covering the Fifa 2005 Interactive World Cup and one of its hottest competitors. You may find a little more useful info on the following link...
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    I'm playing Lego: Star Wars (but on the Xbox). It's outrageously cute and definitely geared more toward the younger gamer...infinite lives...but it also swerves wildly into insane difficultly, especially through the vehicle sections, where the infinite lives will be welcomed by even the most...
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    Yes, I'm unsure as to what you're asking...can you clarify for those who are hard of understanding? Stevie
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    Xbox 360, Xenon or whatever coming this year

    If you guys aren't already clued-up on the stats for the incoming Xbox 2/Nextbox/Xenon...or whatever Microsoft decide to call can feast your eyes on them here:[aa]Microsoft...
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    Stan, for God's sake, will you please fix the poll error listed above!?
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    AAAARRRGGGHHH!! I'm now getting this error when I try to update the MyGamer poll: Warning: fopen(ssc/poll.php): failed to open stream: Permission denied in /var/www/new/htdocs/functions_cache.php on line 97 Warning: fputs(): supplied argument is not a valid stream resource in...
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    Banners for games are now fixed and added, but I still can't add accompanying title images for Ben's GDC Diary articles!!!! PLEASE FIX!!!
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    Hey Lynni... Can you swiftly change that 'TITS' title or elaborate for the benefit of the ignorant? Yours trustingly, Stevie
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    I can't post images. This is pissing me off and leaving the site in a static limbo. HELP!!!!
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    New Noob on the Block

    Welcome aboard, Dee... Now that's enough idle chatter! Get to work this instant! Hehehe Stevie
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    Hi There!

    --there's nothing to lose-- Oh, you poor, foolish, uninformed boy. What about sanity, girlfriends, hair, finger prints, money, time, effort, energy, enjoyment, We ALL used to enjoy these facets of modern existence, but no more! Sleep tight! Oh, sleep, there's...
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    And yet another new addition...

    Welcome, welcome, welcome! A revolutionary three-act screenplay by Charlie Kaufman's lesser known bastard half brother in law's cousin's Nice to have you on the team, Bobby. Stevie
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    Hi There!

    What a nice opening message. We like you already! Welcome aboard, Bennett. Stevie
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    Greetings and salutations...

    Erm, Peter has been brought in as the new PS2 editor...not PR. A warm welcome to you, Peter. Stevie
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    Game critics

    Dear all, The GBA review of Elf: The Movie has duly received a revised overhaul. Many thanks for pointing out your concerns. Fan feedback is invaluable to us. Sorry it took so long to get around to the revisions, but better late than never. Editor in Chief