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    Your Games List

    this game has caused me not to get anymore games. It has taken up a mass chunk of my time leaving little for other gaming. I don't seem to be getting anywhere with it. I've been stuck on the I'm poor stage for years now.
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    The "Fake Gamer Girl" idea needs to die now, please

    I have never been harassed playing a game as a girl. It might be that I don't have a mic, and I tend to stay away from shooting games, not because I'm a girl but because I really suck at shooting games.
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    No-zombie survival games

    The forest sounds interesting this is the first I've heard of it. I like survival games, but I did not know that there where any that were realistic. I'll have to look into it.
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    Game genres

    I like RPGs usually when I play a game I want a good story and the better I can be emersed in that story the better. I want to be transported to that world, to the mind of whatever character I'm playing.
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    How much time do you spend for mobile gaming?

    I spend a lot of time on my phone. I would rather be on my PC but I only have one and my husband uses it for work. If he is not on it the kids are so my PC time is limited.
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    One vs 360

    I can not afford to get an Xbox one right now. Besides I always wait around until the next consule has a lot of games in thier library.
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    puzzel dragon

    Puzzel dragon is like a strange mix of a puzzel game and Pokemon. You have to match symbols on the bottom of the screen to get your monsters to attack. Its pretty easy to play, and a bit addicting to.
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    Life is feudal

    From what I read on the subject people can fight you anytime they decide to which might suck, but this isn't the type of game you could complete very successful by yourself. I think I would have my friends there to back me up. The only thing a character gets for murdering another player is it...
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    Life is feudal

    This is a sandbox game set in the medieval ages. It is currently available for early access for Steam for around 40 dollars. What I think is great about the idea of this game is that there are no npcs. Everything you need in the game you either have to craft or trade to get from other players...
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    What upcoming games are you interested in?

    The game I want the most right now is witcher 3. I love the witcher games. The graphics look pretty and I've always enjoyed the story.
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    What is your definition of "gaming" when it comes to mobile?

    I don't know when gaming became this all exclusive club, and mobile or people who just wanted to play games on occasion where not allowed. I think that anyone who enjoys playing games could be called games rather the game was something like Candy Crush or a big system game like Call of Duty.
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    Anyone who loves Clash of Clans as much as I do?

    I downloaded and played the game a few times. I heard such good things about it from different places. It wasn't my type of game. I have never liked those resource type games where you have to gather troops and gold and things like that. That being said of the games that are like that it is the...
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    magic piano

    I didn't have that problem with my android phone, I could hit the spots OK. Maybe I have small fingers or something It is free to play, but the song choice is limited unless you want to pay, or work on getting enough points to unlock a song.
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    Best MMORPG?...besides World of Warcraft?

    The games I've been playing receantly are aion, never winter, and lotro. Never winter is an OK game, but if your hoping for something more d&d your better off playing ddo. Lotro I just play because the geek in me likes running around in the same world as frodo.
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    What kind of device do you have and how good is it for gaming?

    I have an android phone and its dacant for playing games.Sometimes I reach I had an ipad or something because apple seems to have more games out then droid has. I'll see something advertised and try to get the app to check it out only to find my device dose not carry it.