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    Minecraft Opinions

    There's no sense in saying that Minecraft is childish. Don't listen to them. Listen to yourself. As with any other game, there will come a point when things just won't be the same. When you get bored, sometimes all you need is take a break. Play other games or quit gaming for a solid week or...
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    Sports games

    Sports games are what I play the most in my PC and consoles. Like you, I'm into sports a lot. Aside from the unending gameplay, what I like the most is learning about the sports themselves. I learn about certain rules, the players that don't get to play a lot in the real world, etc. However...
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    One Game You're Most Addicted To?

    Right now? It's gotta be League of Legends. I've been a huge LoL fan since Season 2. I also follow the competitive scene and watch all the games! I'm not very good at it. The farthest I have gone was Gold I. And this was when I still had plenty of time to play. Nowadays, I tend to watch...
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    Games You Are Bad At

    I am so bad at fighting games like Tekken, Street Fighter, etc. Almost all my gamer friends love this kind of game. I'm the only one who never really got hooked. I'm not sure why. I remember I would just smash the buttons and hope I hit the right sequence to pull of some combos lol! I actually...
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    Do You Flame?

    Oh man I hate flaming--I absolutely hate it! I play a lot of MOBA and as you guys may very well know, flaming in this kind of game is particularly rampant. Everybody wants to appear as the leader of the team, one who would carry it to victory, and one who doesn't make mistakes. How childish! I...
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    Most Favorite Open-World Game?

    It has to be Minecraft for me. I think it's the first truly open-world game I've played. The thing is, I got pretty bored of it quickly after my friends quit. But this element of Minecraft is undeniably one of the biggest reasons why it has become such an enormous success.
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    Have Games taught you anything?

    Yes. I learned to play the game and not let the game play you. Games are meant to be enjoyed. When it comes to a point where things get frustrating (hard to level up, so many trolls, pay2win, etc.), the point of playing is forgotten.
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    Retro Console Controllers You Liked The Most

    Sega Saturn all the way! Man this brings back a lot of good memories! I couldn't get enough of that thing when I was growing up. Virtua Fighter anyone?
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    PC Gaming Dead? Lol

    A gaming forum isn't complete without the PC vs Console Thread. Lol! I'm a PC gamer myself. I've been playing console, too, for several years but I still haven't got to truly fall for it. I always keep coming back to my gaming PC.
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    What's your favorite F2P game?

    I used to play a lot of Firefall and Warframe. Right now, I only play League of Legends. LoL is in a different genre from most of the games mentioned here, but I think it has a really good freemium model.
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    Mobile game to play over the holidays?

    What genre are you into? During long trips, I usually go for RPGs and finish them in one go. I also like Puzzle games. Some of the RPGs I recently played are Zenonia (all of them) and Inotia 3.
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    puzzel dragon

    I agree that it's addictive. I got hooked the first time playing it. The mix of puzzle and RPG elements was something refreshing. I've recommended this game to several friends and they all loved it.
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    Anyone who loves Clash of Clans as much as I do?

    I have played Clash of Clans and many similar games, but this genre just isn't for me. I hardly enjoy the gameplay. From the RTS games I have played, Castle Clash was the one I played the longest. But still, I uninstalled it after a couple of weeks or so.
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    How much time do you spend for mobile gaming?

    I play on my phone during my breaks at work. This would be anywhere from 5-30 minutes. In total, I'd say I spend around an hour more or less playing on my phone every day. Any more than that and I get real bored.
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    How often do you upgrade your system?

    I bought a desktop PC earlier this year and I made sure the specs were perfect for what I need it to do. This is why I haven't upgraded anything yet. I also don't see upgrading anytime soon. My rig doesn't have the greatest specs, but it gets the job done. Upgrading at this point would be all...