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    How many hours gaming?

    It really depends on my mood. I often play it at night, around 9 to 10 o'clock. I wouldn't play it for a long time because I am a student and I need to go to school, so I can't play it overnight. However, I will play for the whole day on Saturday and Sunday.
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    What is your favorite brand of computer?

    I am currently using a computer which is Lenovo. I love this computer and I think Lenovo is a very good brand to use because it is user-friendly. I used to like Sony's computer, because it is having a really good design. However, it is just too expensive. What is your favorite brand of computer?
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    If you could visit one country at no cost..

    I think I would go to France, it is my favourite country. Although I haven't visited there before, it is really beautiful when I see it on TV. When I have a stable job and enough money, I will go there even though I don't know how to speak French. However, I think everyone should go there once...
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    What is your current phone?

    I am currently using Sony Xperia z. It is a good phone because it has a very good design and an user-friendly system. Do you guys own an Sony's too? Do you guys like it? Although sometimes it is not functioning that well, it is best phone I have ever used.
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    What do you think of selfies?

    I don't like taking selfie, because I am not those handsome guy. Some people can be really mean to you if your selfie is shown to others. Therefore, I try to stay away from being discussed. I feel really bad sometimes, because it is nothing wrong with taking selfie, but some people like...
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    What Are the Best Wii Games?

    WII fit provides the most exercise because you have to keep moving your body, I think it helps you to keep fit. And I think every Wii game provides the mental stimulation, because you need to think for every game, even though it is a easy game..
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    Do you like single player or multi player content better?

    I like multi-player content more because it seems to be more challenging. I always get bored on those games which are single player content somehow, maybe I don't want to play game by myself. However, it actually depends on what kind of game it is. Some games are suitable for single player, some...
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    In-Game Purchases

    I used to play Sims on my phone. It is a really interesting game because it is a life simulation game. However, you have to purchase in-game and it is pretty annoying, because I don't want to pay for anything.:(:(
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    How much time do you spend for mobile gaming?

    I used to play few hours for mobile gaming. However, I am really busy this year and my phone runs out of space, so I have to delete those games. Therefore, I don't really play many mobile games this year...
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    What kind of device do you have and how good is it for gaming?

    I am currently having a Sony Xperia Z. I think it is a pretty good phone. However, it is not functioning as well as before. I don't know are its specifications good for gaming, but it has a 5.0 inches display monitor. I think that 's big enough for playing games.
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    Your Christmas Wishlist

    I wish I can have the iPhone 6 as my Christmas gift, because my phone is not functioning as well as before.o_Oo_O I also wish that I can have a new and beautiful jacket,:D:D because I hate all the jackets that I am having right now... Anyway, no one is going to buy me gift.....:mad:
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    What are you playing these days?

    League of Legend... That is the only I game I play and I know how to play. I am noob on playing game, so I am not dare enough to try on other games. Do you guys have any suggestions on what game I should play??
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    Favorite Youtubers?

    I won't say I have a specific favourite YouTuber, but I like subscribing those YouTubers who teach you the skills on playing games. Most of the gaming knowledge I know is learned by watching their videos. ;);)
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    Do you think media causes violence?

    I think It depends on what kind of messages the media tries to show and you wish to receive. Some people think media causes violence because media is a good way to express different messages. For sure, violence is one of those messages that media can express, but media can also express the...
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    do you pay for games

    For me, I don't pay for any mobile games. I only download those games which are free to download and they are pretty fun too. Although most of the paid games are not really expensive, I would rather spend those money on buying food. I am not trying to say paying those games are not worthy, but I...