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    Achievements and trophies?

    I do not have much interest about achievements and trophies in game. I believe the game content is much more important. It is nice to have them but I can play without them. They are just additional accessories which add extra fun.
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    Why the stigma surrounding gaming?

    I do not think the stigma is surrounding gaming only. The stigma is surrounding other aspects of living, too. However, it is not as prevalent as before and people start accepting it as normal.
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    Anyone else get motion sickness from games?

    I have never experienced it, either. If you are feeling uncomfortable playing some games, you have better stayed away from playing them and let yourselves relax. Try not to play for an extra-long period of time may also help relieving the symptoms.
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    Will Halo ever come to PC?

    I believe all the Halo series is going to appear on PC. Most of the players of the Halo series will be disappointed if it is not available on the pc platform.
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    Borderlands The PreSequel

    I haven't played it yet, either. I may play as Athena if I play Borderlands. I like the sound of this name and feel I am a godess.
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    Games That Make You Pay

    I agree with you. I will have less interest to play some games if I have to pay at the very beginning. I start playing because I am curious not because I want to play it. I will play if it is free, otherwise I will stay away from the game. However, you will find it is difficult to continue...
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    Fun non-violent multiplayer titles?

    It you do not mind playing old games, Mario Brothers is still a fun game to play. It is not sure whether your girlfriend likes playing.
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    Companies forcing us to play online?

    I note that the games companies are forcing player to play online to protect themselves from piracy loss. The Settlers VIII is an example. We cannot play when there is no internet connection with their game servers. I do not like this because it can cause instability to my game playing.
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    Most played games?

    My most played game is Civilization V. I like to conquer and expand my empire. It helps me think better.
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    What game got you started?

    I played quite a lot of games but did not have crazy interest on any of them. It is probably Gods that got me started. The graphics are good. It is not a simple fighting game. It requires some manipulation of levers which I find it amusing.
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    Super Mario World

    I love Super Mario games, too. I like all those of jumping and hitting. Flying with feather must be fun. I have not yet played Super Mario World, either. I will go check out if I will like this one.
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    Is Steam making you spend more on games than you used to do?

    I agree games on Steam are cheap especially when on sale. However, I still do not like buying from Steam because I like games on physical disks. Therefore, I do not find myself spending more actually.
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    Are you liking there fact that most of the Japanese games are coming to PC?

    It is exciting news. We can play the Japanese games not confined to the consoles any more. This should broaden our gaming experience. I like to play on the pc platform. Hopefully, there will be game mods develop for the Japanese games in future.
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    How to avoid Scamming In Game

    Thanks for the reminder. We gamers sometimes forget about these security measures when playing the favourite games.
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    Whats your favorite FPS ever?

    I agree that it is difficult to pick one as different game has its own merits and characteristics. I like Doom 3, Battlefield 4 and Bioshock, etc.