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    Dungeon Keeper Mobile

    So they must have improved since. How far are you in the game with how much active playtime?
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    What is your definition of "gaming" when it comes to mobile?

    I'd say a gamer is a person who really enjoys a game and doesn't necessarily play only popular games, like Flappy bird or Candy Crush.
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    Hardware for the future?

    I think they speculated flying cars just because in that time cars were first introduced. Don't forget that technology improves the faster the more better it gets. 30 years ago you'd be sitting in a mental hospital for telling people that you could call someone in the middle of a forest. Now...
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    How much time do you spend for mobile gaming?

    I only play it when I need to pass time, so 20-30 minutes a day at most.
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    Don't Starve

    I haven't played it for months, but I think my longest survival was about 40 days. It died because lighting struck my berry bushes and there were no food. Thank you for mentioning Don't Starve Together, I haven't heard about it. Any idea when the full release comes out?
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    How often do you upgrade your system?

    You can definitely upgrade your laptop, though the parts generally costs more than on pc.
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    Do you think media causes violence?

    Nothing can cause violence besides the people themselves.There have been too many studies on this topic, but narrow-minded people don't believe in facts, so these arguments never end.
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    Laptop for gaming

    Furthermore, the maintenance on PC is much easier if you know what you doing. The parts are not squashed together, so there's much more room to work with.
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    Are simulator games getting old?

    Stupid and broken simulators were getting a lot of views and purchases, so I think that's why there are so many shitty simulator. But they're kinda too late as people got bored of them.
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    Life is feudal

    The price is a little too high, I might have picked it up if it was half as it is now. Though I kinda like this game judging by the screenshots and some reviews.
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    Assassins Creed: Unity PC issues

    I'm happy that I didn't neither preorder or buy it. I just saw Total Biscuit's review, and I can say that it's horrible. Is it working properly on consoles, though?
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    Unique fighting game, you won’t miss it.

    If I leave in the middle of a level, will my progress be lost? Nevertheless, it looks nice. Does it drain the battery for you?
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    Dungeon Keeper Mobile

    Did they change the game so that you don't have to wait 24 hours or even more to mine one block? I haven't looked it up since I heard about it and saw a lot of very negative reviews.
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    Two Fingers One Brain

    So I tried this game and can tell you that it's great. It takes a while to get used to it, but later it becomes easier to focus on both tasks. I like the variation of the minigames and sounds, though I'd disabled them because it might be annoying for people near me. Thanks again for sharing!
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    What payment model do you prefer for games?

    Buy to play or free to play. I don't play regularly, so any by getting any subscription games every few months I'd lose some money. In my opinion Buy to Play is better than Free to Play, because the price might repel the cheaters and griefers off.