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    ARMA 3 is Free for the Weekend

    Well is is free to play for the weekend and after that you have to buy it. I have tried AMA 2 before but didn't like it much but this one looks good where graphics is concerned. A game like this would be best to play online because it looks boring playing single player offline.
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    worth waiting for?

    I have seen the game plays on youtube and it looks very good. I want to get it but I don't have enough hard drive space at this time and so I will need to get a new hard drive first. I think it was worth it because the graphics looks much better when compared to the console versions.
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    New BF4 Content all Free

    Well I have never played Battlefield 4 before but it is good to hear that they are releasing new content for all players. I am not a fan of these games online but I have never really tried and so I any have a change of heart.
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    GTA V: Rockstar Banhammer

    Well I can't disagree with Rockstar for their stance on banning mods. A lot of players cheat using these mods and so to have a level playing field it is best to ban these mods or Rockstar could release the only mods that are approved for the game.
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    Mortal Kombat X

    I have been a fan of Mortal Kombat for over a decade and I have never played on a pc except for emulators. I think a game like MK is best enjoyed on a console or using controllers. I have heard about MK 10 but have not tried it.
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    Do you think kids play games too much?

    I think some of these children nowadays play too much video games and do very little outdoor activities. This is also one of the reasons why overweight kids are on the rise in some of these first world countries.
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    Have Games taught you anything?

    Well I have learned a lot from video games like from seeing sites that I have never visited in real life and also how to operate machinery like an aircraft in microsoft flight simulator. Grand theft auto also shows how gangs operate to some extent.
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    Games You Are Bad At

    The only game I ever played that I stopped playing because it was too difficult for me was need for speed pro street. The car was very difficult to handle around the track and I found it hard to win. I had a similar experience with formula 1 2013 racing.
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    Re-mastered Call of Duty

    I wouldn't mind seeing the older call of duty games being released on the new generation consoles. I am not a console gamer but it would be good for those who want to play back these titles with improved graphics and some new maps.
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    Parents: Do you follow the rating labels when buying a game for kids?

    Well I am not a parent but speaking from being in a position where my parents bought games for me, I can say that the rating of the age was never an issue as long as the content wasn't sexual in nature. I have been playing games rated mature 17+ since I was about 13 years old and it never...
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    I discovered emulators about 8 years ago when I first 10 years ago when I first got a pc. It couldn'/t play most of the pc games around then and so I had to resort to playing super nintendo and gba emulators. I have played psp emulator as well and I even tried it on my Android phone and it...
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    Angry Birds.

    I think I may be the one person who has never played angry birds while owning an Android device. I have open it once on my tablet when it came with it but never bothered to play it. I just don't see what the excitement is about.
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    Fun games that are laptop-friendly (Integrated graphics)

    Well some laptops have great gaming graphics cards and so you would have to provide the information about the type of gpu the laptop has. Some games that I played with my intel HD graphics includes all the GTA games up to GTA IV. You can also play call of duty 1-3.
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    What are you playing these days?

    Well it has been world of tanks for the past 15 months for me. I haven't played an offline game on my pc since I began playing world of tanks. I want to try out GTA V soon but I will need a new hard drive because I don't have enough space.
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    One Game You're Most Addicted To?

    For me it is two games that I am addicted to. World of tanks and Civilization. I love the fact the world of tanks is an online game with chat features and clans and so it is always a lot of jokes and fun to play. I love Civilization because it is a great strategy game.