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    Laptop for gaming

    I've played games on an old laptop for two years, I just recently moved back to my home country and started using the desktop again. As long as your games aren't too hardware dependant it's completely fine to play on a laptop. The only real issue is that screen is too small.
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    Do you think media causes violence?

    I don't think it's unreasonable to think that a population that plays a lot of violent video games has a higher violence rate than a population that doesn't. The scientific debate over this is far from conclusive of course, but it might very well be the case, so we shouldn't dismiss it just...
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    Companies forcing us to play online?

    Pretty clear that he meant we're forced to play online if we want to play the game. But since I assume no one is irrational enough to expect people to bloat their titles over small technicalities, I assume you must be trolling...
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    What game would you like to see rebooted?

    I didn't know about that! I guess I'm 14 years behind on video game development. :) I see the nostalgia value in redoing these then, since the precedence is already set and the work already done to make the 3D feel natural.
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    The "Fake Gamer Girl" idea needs to die now, please

    That's great, I'm glad for you. :)
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    The "Fake Gamer Girl" idea needs to die now, please

    She's probably complaining about their behaviour because she thinks it reflects badly on people like herself, so it affects her negatively. Not a very hard conclusion to come to, especially since he stated it in her post. It's funny that you're talking about rights. Of course these girls have...
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    What kind of device do you have and how good is it for gaming?

    I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 and an iPhone 4. I think they're both really bad for gaming, so I usually stick to my computer. But it probably has more to do with the fact that I dislike a lot of mobile/tablet games rather than they actually being bad gaming platforms.
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    The "Fake Gamer Girl" idea needs to die now, please

    What does that have to do with fake gamer girls? That makes zero sense... Gamergate is about fighting misogyny in gaming (which is a huge problem), not about fake gamer girls..?
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    Older Gamers

    Do you guys really think age doesn't matter? I notice large maturity gaps between different games and a strong correlation between the average age of players and my enjoyment of the game. I've found that there's way more angry teenagers than angry 25 year olds, so while individually a 15 year...
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    What game would you like to see rebooted?

    I actually disagree, I don't think Myst would benefit much from simply a graphics update and I think it's much better to focus on making new games with the same feel but designed for a 3D world. I feel like Myst was almost a text-based dungeon with some screenshots and puzzles slapped on. It was...
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    Next big game from Valve?

    Isn't Half Life 3 being worked on? If it comes out any time soon it will be the next big game for sure.
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    The "Fake Gamer Girl" idea needs to die now, please

    Haha, isn't that a good thing? What games do you usually play, though? It's much worse if you play something like CoD on Xbox compared to a hanging out with more mature gamers.
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    Would you like to see Assassin's Creed back on Nintendo?

    It's a clever position, games will play infinitely better on their console if it was originally developed for it anyway because it's so special.
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    Do you have an extensive collection of games?

    I've mostly kept to a few games per platform (some N64 games, some Gamecube games, games for various portable platforms and quite alot of PC games), but nothing like the collection some of my friends have built up over the years. I don't think it's worth anything so I'd rather keep them to be...
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    Older Gamers

    I prefer "older gamers" (as in anything from 20 and up) actually, I like a mature environment. The oldest gamers I've met are around 45 and they were all great gaming friends. Being 23 myself I've kind of outgrown the stereotypical fifteen year old gamer and I'm kinda glad we're all growing up.