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    do you pay for games

    I refuse to pay for games. If I would happen to find a game that is an absolute necessity I may consider it, however, that's unlikely. I think it is an unnecessary expense. There are plenty of other games that are free and just as entertaining as those you pay for.
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    MMORP for Browser?

    Does anyone have suggestions for a good MMORP game that is browser based and not immature? I want to find a community that has at least young adults and no younger. However, I don't want something that emphasizes adult content. In other words, a game where sex plays a pivotal role. Any ideas?
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    Older systems?

    I always hang onto mine. I can not bring myself to part with an old system. It contains a lot of sentimental meaning to me, and for the same reason as you I also enjoy playing them for the sake of nostalgia. Plus, it is generally fun.
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    Favorite Smash Brothers Character?

    I agree. I would have to say Jigglypuff was the worst character. I can't imagine any that were worse.
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    Do you think games are worth their current retail price?

    No, I do not think they are at all, and especially when there is no disc. Simply selling a downloadable game and charging $50 for it is a rip off.
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    Who is playing Eve Online?

    Well, maybe I should give it a shot. I talked about it like I had played it anyways :D I've been looking for a good mmorpg to try. This might just be the one to have me hooked to gaming again.
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    Favorite video game music?

    I would have to say the Final Fantasy series has a great soundtrack. The music is beautiful, and the pianist is very talented. I listen to it even when I am not playing the game.
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    Who is playing Eve Online?

    Oh, on second thought I could be completely wrong. I missed what you said in the first line. I am so sorry! I feel very idiotic now. I have been talking about a completely different game :/ hopefully you all get a good laugh out of this.
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    Who is playing Eve Online?

    Wait, skills can increase while the person is not playing by changing a setting that allows it to? I do not know if I like that idea. To me, that seems a bit like cheating. 'Cheating' is not the exact term I want to use, but hopefully it adequately expresses what I mean. The part about...
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    Rate the Gamecube on a 1-10 scale

    I rate the Gamecube as a 9 easily. I may just be biased. This is probably the system I have spent the most amount of time on. The graphics were not half bad, the system was easy to move around, and the games were the most fun in my opinion.
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    Why do you think the Wii is more popular than Kinect?

    I think Nintendo games in general are better than other systems. Games from other systems are not as unique for the most part. Nintendo has retained a special idiosyncrasy throughout the years. Their games are personable and nostalgic.
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    Who is playing Eve Online?

    What is so complex about it? It appealed to me originally because it seemed to be a one of a kind game. Moreover, I liked that anime style, although I am not actually into anime! :D However, I never imagined it being complicated. I know that in most games you earn what you work for. That's...
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    Who is playing Eve Online?

    I never got the impression that it was that complicated. Then again, I probably only completed 10 minutes of game play. It lagged to the point of making it impossible so I gave up.
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    Who is playing Eve Online?

    Nice!! I'm so excited now. When did they provide an option for Mac? It must have been in the past year or two unless I somehow missed it.
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    Who is playing Eve Online?

    I wanted to play this so badly before! I tried a couple years ago. Sadly, they do not have it for Mac. I tried downloading and using Windows, but it lagged way too much. If they have made a change for Mac or if you know how to make it work properly I would greatly appreciate you telling me :)