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    What makes a video game great and why?

    First thing that comes to mind is graphics. They have to be good. For me, If I see a AAA title and it has bad graphics, It will bother me. I can understand that some games have graphics that look like there from the 90's... Story - I will read about the game before I buy it as well as the...
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    Just Cause 2 - $3.19 on Steam

    I was lucky enough to actually win this game in a give away. Sure, the graphics left something to be desired but for the few minute I did play the game, I enjoyed it. I have to try the multi player as soon as I can.
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    MyGamer Credits

    I was curious about the credits being issued. I like this idea a lot. I never saw anyone mention anything about spending them so I just didn't ask anything but it is good to know we can use them!
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    Favourite N64 game?

    Star Fox 64 for sure. I played that game over and over so many times after beating it. I never could get enough of that game for some reason. Going from the easy route to the hard route, trying to keep all of my team mates together till the end. Super Mario 64 was another one that is a very...
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    Is it worth it?

    My brothers have a PS4 and while I personally do not use it for other than watching Hulu, The one thing that is absolutely awesome about it in my personal opinion is the Share Play feature. One of my brothers friend had the game Destiny and he was able to play the game with his friend through...
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    Steam Auctions

    Saw it, Checked it out and didn't really bother to learn more about it after skimming over a few things. Like many others have said, Get it during the Winter Sale. Probably would be much better off in the end.
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    Do you like single player or multi player content better?

    Games like Borderlands or online MMORPGS, I have to play Multi. It's just better. There is more interaction, More going on and what not. I don't know why but it's always just better to play these games Multi. Don't get me wrong, I love my single player games but only for the games that are...
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    Do you think games are worth their current retail price?

    Personally, I do not want to nor wish to spend $60+ for a game. I feel it is to high. However, I guess that depends on who you ask. This is one of the main reasons I chose to build a custom PC and go with Steam. After I saw some of the sales, I realized not only will I save a ton of money on...
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    What have you gotten in the Steam Christmas sales so far?

    At the moment nothing as I had bought the bundle with Batman Arkham Asylum/City/Origins in it from another site. Some things did go on sale but the real problem is that I need a new HDD. The one I have has only about 100GB left! If it not been for such little room left, I probably would have...
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    If you had to live in one game environment it would be...?

    Maybe Skyrim. Odd choice probably but it is also very interesting to me at the same time. The dragons might be a problem but that is why we have our DragonBorn right? I could choose to be a smith, a trader or an adventurer. Any of those situations would be awesome. Every day would bring...
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    getting a console for the holidays?

    Actually, I am hoping to get some upgrades for my PC! My brothers already got their consoles so were good on that. Haha. They already have a 2DS, 3DS, PS4 and I think there hoping for a XBox 1 but personally, I would just prefer my upgrade.
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    Whats your favorite FPS ever?

    Halo, In my opinion was top notch when introduced. Everyone who had a XBox owned this game or you just wasn't cool and left out. It was a favorite of mine as well. Even though I would die often in MP. Others would be games like Borderlands. That game is amazing and you will just keep wanting...
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    Anyone else watch streams?

    Can't say that I really watch streams loyally but I have watched a few to get a better idea of what is going on in the game before playing it or I will watch it sometimes to see what they have done before to pass this part because I can't figure it out...
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    One Game You're Most Addicted To?

    Final Fantasy and Sonic The Hedgehog. I got so involved into them. Nothing could separate me. Sonic games were amazing to young me and everything was about how fast can I go? As for the FF series, I loved that there were so many and each with their own stories and depth.
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    Upcoming games

    At this moment, The only thing I am even slightly excited for is Batman: Arkham Knight. I was always a big fan of Batman movies and some games. I have played City and Asylum and have to say I loved them both. I have been wanting to play Origins but after hearing about the glitch that I cannot...