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    What Game are you afraid of playing alone?

    I'm not really drawn to horror/scary video games at all, so that eliminates that problem for me. I'm the same way with movies...I hate horror movies completely! I much prefer bright, happy games that distract me from the worries of everyday life!
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    Everything Anime Thread

    I really like Strike Witches, that's probably my favorite. If you haven't seen it before and you like anime I'd highly recommend it. I also like Full Metal Alchemist, my husband is a big fan so that's what got me into that series.
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    What is the First PC game You Have Ever Played?

    Loved that one when I was younger too! It was really educational as well, I feel like I picked up a real interest in geography because of it! And traveling as well!
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    What was your first console?

    Well growing up I was all about Super Mario...but I feel like Nintendo has transformed so much since then! I also love Pokemon on the newer consoles like the Nintendo DS.
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    What was your first console?

    We had an old school Atari and then a Nintendo, our cousins had a Sega so I feel like I got to experience the best of all those gaming consoles back when I was a kid. They all had some really fun and enjoyable games on them.
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    Any Atari fans here?

    Oh gosh, this is a blast from the past! I played in the early 90's when my family still had an Atari console. I have no idea what happened to it...for all I know it might still be in their garage in storage! I think my favorites were the Pacman games - so retro but so fun!
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    PS3 at the end of its life?

    We have a 3 and a 4 - and we still use the 3! They are an aging system, but ours was always well taken care of and still works like a charm.
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    Is $60 a good price for games?

    Honestly, depends what it is! Depends on the console it's compatible with, depends on the game and how long ago it was released, depends if it's a brand new game or if you're buying it second hand! It could be seen as super good value for some games but really overpriced for others.
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    Do you think about you the games you play

    I definitely find myself doing that - I guess that's probably in part to do with the fact I like a lot of RPG's so naturally you are playing a role and take on that persona! I think that's one of the fun things about gaming though - it can really transport you into a different world, and you get...
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    If money was no object, how would you set up your ideal gaming room?

    There's a cool list here with some awesome gaming rooms - I think I like number 3 the best! I agree with you about classic lighting, I don't like all the multi colored stuff. Simple is best!
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    Your First PC Game

    Oh, I know that as a TV show - but I never knew that there was a PC game about it! I'd totally play the PC game version though if I could find it - the TV show is addictive to watch and I always love trivia type games!
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    Your First PC Game

    Oh gosh, does anyone remember Frogger, or am I totally showing my age here? That was one of my first, and it's so retro and outdated now that most young people wouldn't have a clue at all about what it is! I think there was a Sega version too, but I mainly played it on PC.
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    How good is your gaming skills

    That's true, and I've definitely known people that fit into that category! Honestly it can be a bit too intense for my liking playing against people that take it way too seriously. It takes some of the fun out of it for me!
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    If money was no object, how would you set up your ideal gaming room?

    If you had an infinite amount of money to spend, how would you set up your gaming systems? Any that would be absolute must haves or things you'd steer clear of? TVs? Speaker systems? I'd love to know what a perfect gaming room would be to you!
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    How good is your gaming skills

    I think average for me is the best description. I'm an avid gamer but at the core of it is a desire to just have fun and relax when I'm gaming, rather than it being a super competitive thing. Of course, that's not to say that I don't enjoy winning when I'm playing against someone else...but I...