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Discussion in 'Mobile' started by imagenscape, Nov 11, 2014.

  1. 6up

    6up New Member Registered

    Most new games are not free. They become free after they have been around for a while. Yes I can pay for new good games. I can't wait to play new games at whatever cost. Gaming makes me refresh my mind after a long day work.
  2. bogartdelarama

    bogartdelarama New Member Registered

    I do pay for in-game aesthetics in the online PC games I play, but mobiles games, no, I don't spend money playing mobile games. I play mobile games casually, not competitively.
  3. mrgrn

    mrgrn New Member Registered

    I always download free games and tell myself that I'm not going to make any in-app purchases, but I always end up doing it, haha. I don't usually buy power-ups or anything like that, but if you have to pay to unlock extra levels or something, I'll usually do it if I think it's worth the $3 or however much it costs. I think it's because if I really like a game, I want to keep playing it, but I get bored of doing the same levels over and over. Especially knowing there are other levels available.
  4. Picaleto

    Picaleto New Member Registered

    I tend to buy non-free games if they fulfil two of these three conditions:
    1. No in-app purchases.
    2. Developed by someone reputable (There are exceptions to this, of course)
    3. Recommended by Friend/Itunes
    Otherwise it's most likely a money grabber.
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  5. dillinger10

    dillinger10 Member Registered

    In-app purchases have really got out of control as of late. It has got to the point where if there are in-app purchases, I simply refuse to download/pay for the game. I would much rather pay full price up front so I can control the amount I end up paying for the game. To continually have to pay for upgrades or additional levels, gets old really fast. Worse yet, they used to be micro-transactions with minimal outlay needed, however, the in-app purchases these days seem to be getting more and more expensive.

    How do others feel about in-app purchases? Is this something that makes you reluctant to download the game in the first place?
  6. FreddyMac

    FreddyMac quackquackquack Registered

    If you're rooted, there's an android app called Freedom that lets you spoof In-App Purchase. It works on most offline games, and makes you realise how shallow the games are, true Skinner Boxes.

    *don't ask me where to get Freedom, I'm not recommending it*

    Most of the time, I have to have a demo version. I don't buy mobile games out of habit, so it has to be something special for me to do otherwise.
  7. Ashwin Mahesh

    Ashwin Mahesh New Member Registered

    I have never paid for games on my smartphone or my iPad, the only investment I have made is the precious time I devote in downloading the App and spending mind numbing hours playing. I am sure the time I have wasted could have been better utilised to do something productive. It is a lost opportunity and it doesn't seem like it is going to change either.
  8. Rosenii

    Rosenii New Member Registered

    It depends, if a game looks really good and is from a company I know that makes good games, I'll buy it. I don't do freemium games though. I can wait a few weeks to save up.
  9. zombie23

    zombie23 New Member Registered

    It just seems kind of wrong for me to spend money on games that I only play when there is literally nothing else to do around me as a last resort. Then again, I have friends who play mobile games religiously, so I could understand someone forking over the cash for something. But, I doubt I'll ever be that person.
  10. hafiz93

    hafiz93 New Member Registered

    I prefer not to. I've never pay to download a game and I've never done any in-game transaction. Even the free games that I have on my phone are barely played, so paying to get more games would just be a waste of money and time for me. Generally, I just don't feel that it's worth it to splurge your money on a mobile game.
  11. Loopulk

    Loopulk New Member Registered

    When someone gives me a Google Play gift card, then I consider buying paid games. Aside from that, no. There is a decent amount of free games to keep me occupied, so I don't really feel the need to buy games on mobile devices.
  12. Kitty Reeves

    Kitty Reeves Member Registered

    I have never paid for a mobile game in my life! I don't really play many mobile games, because most of the common reason. Kills the battery, small screen, most games are just time wasters, etc. Apparently there are some good mobile games, but they're aimed more towards tablet users, then smart phone users. But no, I don't pay for mobile games. I don't really see the point, honestly. :cool:
  13. iCoachU

    iCoachU New Member Registered

    I'll pay for anything I think is worth it. It really depends on how well off I am financially at the moment, but I have so many games I want to play that I don't really need to spend money anytime soon. The value of classics...not enough time in this life...yet?
  14. Personablue

    Personablue New Member Registered

    I have no problem paying for games I like. But I still try my best not to spend any money on mobile games. Because I don't see the reason to buy potions, life, hearts or other in game materials using real world money, i.e. I am not a fan of free to play games. I do buy games that require upfront payment if the game interest me of course.

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