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Discussion in 'Mobile' started by imagenscape, Nov 11, 2014.

  1. MachoMan

    MachoMan New Member Registered

    I myself have not paid for any mobile game. I think I can just save up that money and put it toward a console that I'd actually enjoy. Mobile games also don't really get me that enthused. I'm yet to find one that I'm going to get really hyped about.

    One that has come pretty close was PocketFrogs . I didn't buy it, but I was close to investing money into it, but figured that I didn't have to commitment to play it for much longer than I already had, thus being unable to justify the purchase!
  2. elmarianexx

    elmarianexx New Member Registered

    No, I think that paying for mobile games is a little too much.
    I usually download games from Google Play and usually most of them are free to download there.
  3. queenbellevue

    queenbellevue Member Registered

    Yeah, most games are freemium now rather than the old pay once and play model.
  4. JohnBrock

    JohnBrock New Member Registered

    I mostly play free games on my cellphone as I rarely dwell in them for more than a few minutes at a time, regardless, I can understand why some of the better, bigger games have some pretty decent prices. The quality has risen significantly, whether or not we like it, theres a great future in store for mobile-gaming.
  5. blur92

    blur92 Member Registered

    I refuse to pay for games. If I would happen to find a game that is an absolute necessity I may consider it, however, that's unlikely. I think it is an unnecessary expense. There are plenty of other games that are free and just as entertaining as those you pay for.
  6. bunbakaa

    bunbakaa New Member Registered

    I usually don't pay for games, but I end up paying for in-app merch. So I guess you could say in turn that I do pay for games. They make games to where you pretty much have to pay if you want to progress in the game. You normally aren't going to find a mobile game that you will fully enjoy without having to pay a little out of pocket.
  7. awesomeaniruddh

    awesomeaniruddh New Member Registered

    I do if the game is worth it. Many paid games however are rip-offs and I hate the 15-minute limit that Google Play imposes to refund the money. I barely get started in 15 minutes...
  8. dyanmarie25

    dyanmarie25 Member Registered

    No. I will never pay for a game when I know I can have it for free, or if there were an alternative for it. Well, I will probably pay for it if I really want it badly and there's no way I can have it unless I spend a bit of money.
  9. Victoria Langley

    Victoria Langley New Member Registered

    Yes I play ones that I have paid for but usually I like to play for free for a few levels first to see if I like the game. I will often pay for a cheap one straight away if I have played others in the series or by the same company that I have enjoyed but I have to admit I prefer the ones with in app purchases as long as they are of a sensible cost.
  10. medievalmama

    medievalmama New Member Registered

    I did pay for Plague Inc. It was the best 99 cents I ever spent. Plague Inc.'s game play goes on a long time. It starts from very easy to very hard. You get rewarded for doing harder levels by getting things which help you get even better. I highly recommend it.
  11. calvintysm

    calvintysm New Member Registered

    Paying for games on mobile is just a waste. Nowadays, many games are free but they require you to buy in game credits to be more advanced then others. I hate these sort of games, or so called pay to win games as it gives an advantage to the rich and a big disadvantage to the poor.
  12. daniel hancock

    daniel hancock New Member Registered

    To be honest I do not think people should pay for games. There are way to many games available on each platform to warrant paying for any games when there are some games similar to the ones you have to pay for that are free and some of the times are better.

    I was browsing the app store just to find another good game and realized that some of the games are priced at five pound! If your anything like me I love to play multiple games, just imagine spending five pound for each!

    So no, I do not spend any money on games at all! It is much better to play for free!
  13. queenbellevue

    queenbellevue Member Registered

    Oh man I was addicted to that game for so long. Did you always start in Greenland or Madagascar?
  14. medievalmama

    medievalmama New Member Registered

    It depended. Several scenarios it was best to start in Saudi Arabia. I started in China often, and Russia. I LOVED the zombie scenarios. The Simian scenarios just started when I stopped playing. Maybe I'll have to play again.
  15. Goldie

    Goldie Member Registered

    Same here. I also prefer to just save my money for console games or other things since there is so much free options out there and I only need a few of them to use when waiting or bored. I have found one that I really like recently though and the developers of it are great so I'm choosing to buy from them on purpose even if I don't really need to just to show support.
  16. toradada5598

    toradada5598 New Member Registered

    I've never paid for a game nor have I made any in-game purchase. But I (and my sister) am planning to purchase the pro-version of elevate and mindgames :) The only problem is that we ain't got that high of extra money to waste >A<
  17. SquiffyBubble

    SquiffyBubble Member Registered

    I buy mobile games every now and then, but the game has to be really good for me to do so. On android I don't really pay for games, as there is a free version only with ads often available, and the ads don't bother me that much.
  18. skeletal

    skeletal New Member Registered

    I have payed for a few games, like Cut the Rope and Wedding Dash. This was when I was in middle school, though. Now, I don't pay for anything. Once in a while I buy something on Pocket Frogs, because I love that game and want to support the developers. They're kind enough to stop by our forum once in a while, and continue updating the game after they discontinued the Weekly Sets, so I don't mind throwing a few dollars their way.
  19. hellonamesdana

    hellonamesdana Member Registered

    I honestly can't remember the last time I ever paid for an iphone app. I know that years ago I purchased Fruit Ninja when that was really popular, but that was probably 3-4 years ago!
  20. westmixxin

    westmixxin New Member Registered

    It's been a long time since I paid for any mobile game. I don't believe that is necessary if I can easily get it for free. I don't know if that's necessarily the right way to look at the situation but I know it's the way that I do. I enjoy looking at the situation from an intelligent point of view and my logic tells me that if I can get it for free I should.

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