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    Browser-Based Games

    I played Runescape for a day. That game gets very boring very quickly. I was never fascinated by browser games.
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    What Genre of Game Do You Like Better?

    Action RPG's are my favorite genre. I love live action while being able to level up over time.
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    Do you think games are worth their current retail price?

    It depends on long the game lasts. Games should be priced on the average amount of time it takes the average person to complete it.
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    Your top PC games of all time?

    The binding of isaac is my favorite game on the computer. I don't play many games on the computer besides emulators.
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    What's Your Opinion on Games Where You Farm Materials/Stuff?

    It seems like a cheap gimmick to make the game seem longer with lesser content. I would just go with an action rpg.
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    Top 3 Exclusive PS3 Games

    For me it would Demon's Souls. That game is so unique and so difficult that you just have to try it. God of War 3 would be another great exclusive. Metal of Gear Solid 4 would top out my list.
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    Do you think media causes violence?

    Media helps promote people looking for attention. If they already have violent tendencies, then they will use the media to inflate their ego.
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    The "Fake Gamer Girl" idea needs to die now, please

    If they say they're a gamer girl, than their looking for attention. Other than that, it shouldn't be anybodies business what their gender is.
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    What are you looking forward to in 2015?

    I'm looking forward to watching somebody play Bloodbourne. I'm not buying a new system just to play one game. There should be a law that all games should have a PC version.
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    How many hours gaming?

    I spend 30 to 40 hours gaming usual. I'm taking a break from gaming since I'm burned out on Dark Souls 2.
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    Favorite Console of All Time

    For me, my favorite console is the Super Nintendo. With games like Donkey Kong Country 1 & 2, Mega Man X, Super Metroid, Link to the Past, and Chrono Trigger how can you not select the Super Nintendo.
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    If all electronic games were unusuable tomorrow, what games will you play?

    I would play solitaire if I don't have any money to spend. When I do have some spare cash, I would go play some table games at a casino. The thrill of winning is the funnest feeling in the world.
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    Do you use emulators?

    I played most Super Nintendo and Nintendo on an emulator. You can revisit game you played and games you wished you played in your youth. I wish they would make a PS3 emulator already.
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    Which Console Do You Think Is Better?

    The only game I would like to play exclusively on the PS4 is bloodbourne. If you like that game, then get a PS4. If not, I don't care for consoles and just stay with PC.
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    One Game You're Most Addicted To?

    Dark Souls 1 was the most addicting game I've ever played. You can replay that game a million times and not get too bored of it. Binding of Isaac Rebirth got me hooked for a while with the replay factor.