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    PC vs console

    I like to play to use console to play games since I play mostly with my friends but alone I use the PC.The graphics of games are way better with a PC though.
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    League of Legends

    My friends made me play league of legends almost twice a week now,whatever we are bored we play it to our delight.I like the casual mode main are Ahri and Diana.
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    What games are you currently into?

    I love to play online games with my friends I love empire which has good graphics and I like its effects.league of legends is another exciting game that can take away boredom.i can also add rules of survuval to the mix.
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    If you could be any video game character, who would you be?

    I love to unravel mystery so I wouldn't mind being Sam in supernatural as well.I will love adventure a lot so this makes the two of us,I will go on a haunting spree of all the monsters j come across and it will be fun to be Sam.
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    Memorable moments or unusual incidents while playing games.

    That's was a great coincidence I believe. A lot of time I have spent a time for another engagements for games especially when it beyond my control. Games have always helped to filled in our lapses and when we are overtaken by event or a natural obstacles like the one you just experienced.
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    Can you skip meals because of games?

    Well,it depends on the kind of game if it's a very interesting game that I'm really committed to then I will skip a meal and later. Some games are addictive like that.
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    Do You Like/Love To Read?

    I love to read all kind of inspirational books apart from playing games.I can read some world discovery books too if I need to discover things around the world.
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    What’s your favorite GAME of all time?

    I like dota2 a nice multiplayer game that will bring fun and excitement to players.I like its versatility and its graphics even the layout.Well I naturally like games that I can play with my friends.
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    How big of a problem do you think gaming addiction is?

    Game addiction is bad and it making people to become lazy, people are no longer doing productive things than just to play games which is really bad. Game addiction is bad and as such should be played with caution.
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    What's the first game you've been addicted with?

    Castle was the very first game that I was addicted to,I was high school then and I was so used to this game and I try to play it because it really a fun game to play,it very interesting too
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    One Game You're Most Addicted To?

    This should definitely be candy rush saga,I jusf like the graphics and the different levels one needs to attain, this will continue to keep one glued to playing it.
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    What kind of game did you played the longest time?

    I have been playing castles for a very long now,it should be about 4 years a building blocks game and I have it on my mobile which is always easy for me to play since I can play on the go.
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    Have you ever hacked/cheated in a game?

    My brothers sometimes give me cheat codes to really get at games so if this is counter as a hacked,well I have but not hacking a game site for some dubious purpose.
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    Would you rent or buy games?

    The level of enjoyment of a game determine of I will buy or rent a game.if a game is enjoyable and can be played many times then. I will buy them but other games that I just want to play for a short time I will just rent it.
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    Are you a competitive gamer?

    I think I'm a competitive gamer because I always want to win any game I play.Anytime I'm playing games with my playmate I try to level up and be a winner though they also try to win too.