What game do you have the most hours on?

Discussion in 'Playstation 3 & Playstation 4' started by Ghost, Mar 9, 2015.

  1. Duelyst

    Duelyst New Member Registered

    Probably League of Legends. Game's alot of fun when you've got good friends to play it with. I remember once I pulled an all nighter along with 2 friends, we dropped dead around 6 in the morning, haha. League's addicting for sure.
  2. Jordan94

    Jordan94 New Member Registered

    Game - time played- years playing them. All steam games are taken from steam time, Wolfenstein and WoW are from Xfire time, and Runescape is from ingame time.

    Wolfenstien ET - 2500 hours+ 2003- 2008

    Team fortress 2 - 2290 2007-2011 Included about 350 hours of idling.

    Killing floor - 1085 Dec 2011 - Present

    Runescape 135days 12 hours. Around 3250 hours, Nov 2003 - present

    World of Warcraft - 120 days, around 2880 hours. Jan 2006 - present

    present means i'm still playing them off and on.
  3. SLTE

    SLTE Member Registered

    If we can stretch back to PS2, I think it's probably the Disgaea games. Not because they're my favourites by any means, but because grinding for endless hours is a big part of the games. I haven't touched one in a while, but I'm pretty sure I clocked at least 300 hours on Disgaea 2 alone, which is nothing to say of Disgaeas 1, 2, and 4. Usually I would just throw on a movie on my laptop and grind endlessly while not paying much attention to the game.

    Was it entertaining? Well, I did it, so I suppose it must've been...
  4. mett

    mett New Member Registered

    I would have to say the games that I have put the most hours into would be The Witcher 3 and Dragon Age Inquisition. Both of those games yield about 200+ hours to complete fully and they are some of my favorite games to play. The Witcher 3 alone I probably spent about 300 hours playing and when they release their new expansion Blood & Wine, I will most definitely be clocking in many more hours.
  5. hedonologist

    hedonologist New Member Registered

    Really hard to say whether it was GTA 3 or GTA San Andreas. Probably Sand Andreas but when I had GTA3 that was the only thing I had, so 100% of my time was dedicated to it. Vice city is probably my third most played game actually, so if we combined the series GrandTheftAuto would be miles ahead.
  6. yeppeo

    yeppeo New Member Registered

    I can't check right now how many hours exactly but GTAV is the game where I spent more time on, definitely.
  7. Kitty Reeves

    Kitty Reeves Member Registered

    If an MMO counts, then Vindictus, totally. I don't know the total hours, but it's certainly over 100 hours. If an MMO does NOT count, then probably Dragon Age Inquisition. Only got about 30 something hours, but that's only playing it off and on.
  8. iCoachU

    iCoachU New Member Registered

    It was definitely WoW for me, followed by FFXI, followed by a mix and assortment of games I couldn't really give you a surefire number on. I have definitely toned it way, way down.
  9. Personablue

    Personablue New Member Registered

    Witcher 3, no question asked. It was hands down the longest game I ever played or in fact I am actually still playing. I think I have reached the climax of the story which took me 86 hours. I guess I will easily cross 100 hours with this one. I don't play MMO or MMORPG, therefore I don't have any games with 200+ hours.
    Pokemon sapphire was the only game which I played for more than 100 hours.
  10. LemonyPinkness

    LemonyPinkness LemonyPinkness Registered

    I put 130 hours into Persona 4: Golden on PSVITA. I remember finishing my new run one night at 4AM at 85hrs and immediately starting my New Game+ the following night. Still hooked.

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