Music While Gaming?

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussion' started by scleigh215, Sep 25, 2015.

  1. scleigh215

    scleigh215 New Member Registered

    When I have a game like Pay Day 2 that has a pretty decent soundtrack, I don't need anything other music. I just go along with the game. Other games though.. they can be boring musically or just not my style so I have playlists that I use to listen to as I'm gaming. One of my favorite artist to listen to is Blackmill.

    What do you all listen to while game? Any particular artist or genre?
  2. DownrightFierce

    DownrightFierce New Member Registered

    For most RPG games I like being immersed in the world, so I keep their music on. When I'm playing fighting games I mute the game's music and play some hip-hop or rap like Chiddy Bang, Childish Gambino, or Kanye West.

    Except for Guilty Gear because GG's music is so good.
  3. mtayp01

    mtayp01 New Member Registered

    I just listen to the game soundtrack all the time. I never thought of listening to anything else, though I know some people who listen to really upbeat, motivational songs especially when their game gets really intense.
  4. BluBird

    BluBird Member Registered

    Depends on the game. If I'm really into the story I'll listen to everything. If it's something like wow or torchlight then I'll throw on some tunes.
  5. MandyMarieB

    MandyMarieB Member Registered

    I don't turn on anything else; I just listen to the game's soundtrack/cutscenes. Otherwise, its not as immersive!
  6. squallsnake

    squallsnake Editor In Chief Staff Member

    I used to play some RPGs while listening to CDs back in the day when I was just grinding. But I have to listen to the game's soundtrack otherwise you miss on part of the whole experience.
  7. mooray

    mooray Member Registered

    I absolutely love listening to music while playing video games especially hip hop. I don't know why but when I listen to energetic music, I get really motivated and play better.
  8. dyanmarie25

    dyanmarie25 Member Registered

    Actually, I rarely listen to any music whenever I am playing a game. I feel like it's somehow distracting me from the game. I would somehow lose my focus, and I would find it rather difficult to concentrate on the game.
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  9. dillinger10

    dillinger10 Member Registered

    I am the exact same way. I find that any background noise - including music - to be extremely distracting when playing video games. I am nothing if not consistent as I can't listen to music when working or reading. I like to be able to give my full undivided attention on whatever it is I am doing.
  10. charris89

    charris89 New Member Registered

    It depends on the game for me. I usually listen to the game's music, but sometimes if I'm feeling frisky I'll turn on some rock. I really like listening to Coheed & Cambria for some reason while game. Their music coincides with a lot of games and I love the vibe. I have to listen to something while I'm gaming though. It's hard for me to play or read when it's quiet. Their has to be constant noise. I guess I'm just weird.
  11. bittersblue

    bittersblue New Member Registered

    If it's a story-based game, I'll usually refrain from listening to other music. I prefer immersing myself into the world of the game and music plays a pretty big part in that. Though, if it's a game I've played before, I would probably have something running in the background. No particular genre, though.
  12. Axel

    Axel Member Registered

    I used to do that when games have appalling or boring soundtracks, but nowadays I rarely played any such games. Even in a game like GTA V where music doesn't play off-missions, you still have the radio when you're driving around which usually has enough good songs.

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