Is Steam making you spend more on games than you used to do?

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by pcgamer, Nov 8, 2014.

  1. pcgamer

    pcgamer Member Registered

    Steam is a double edged sword for me. I have been a PC gamer for last 2 decades now. Yep, I have been playing games since I was only 2 years old. I remember spending money on games very wisely. The situation is very different now though. With the introduction of Steam Sales, you just can't resist the temptation to buy some games just because they are hella cheap. You think I just managed to save $50 by buying a $60 game for only $10. What you are essentially doing is spending more than you'd normally do.
  2. Dinofossil

    Dinofossil New Member Registered

    Steam has saved me money, and not only through the sales. I would spend more money on games if not for sales, as I have little self-control.
  3. Nickchick

    Nickchick Member Registered

    It's my first time looking on there since I got a free game with my computer. I looked through the whole catalog of demos and there wasn't any interesting games on there. I actually don't want to look at the paid games because I might find something that I want if I look hard enough and I don't have much money to spend on games right now.
    I just looked for Sims though and it's the ones I already have.
  4. shreklock

    shreklock Member Registered

    Sometimes it does, but sometimes I make money out of it, like selling trading cards or drops from games. Though I do spend on games or game skins, so I've probably lost more money than I've made.
  5. LoganF

    LoganF New Member Registered

    I think overall i'm saving money with steam. I think games are just getting more expensive nowadays. Especially with things like dlc. The sales though are great, its not something that you get as often as other platforms. I also play the heck out of steams free games, so im happy.
  6. pcgamer

    pcgamer Member Registered

    Well, if we are not talking about paid games, then what else do you play? It's either paying for games or there is not much PC or console gaming has to offer to you. If I am not wrong, you don't play free to play games as well. Am I right?
  7. CrazyShake

    CrazyShake New Member Registered

    Simple answer is yes, to a point. I use to not buy as many games as I do now, but with prices being so cheap, how can you not? With that being said, I wouldn't say I'm spending more, not with the prices being so cheap. I'd like to think I'm actually saving money with most of the deals I run into.
  8. Profit5500

    Profit5500 Member Registered

    I do not really buy games as much since I have an outdated computer. If I had a I7 3770K then that would be different. I have not looked at Steam to see what they have in store anymore. I think that Steam seems cheaper then other stores that would allow you to buy games. Although the game "Killing Floor" I got off of Ebay lol but I still had to play it on Steam network.
  9. gh0st233

    gh0st233 Member Registered

    When you think about it, it really all depends. Sometimes, when I'm feeling like spending some money on ANYTHING, I buy a random cheap game that looks good. However, when Steam has big sales, like the summer or winter sales, I spend my money on games that I wanted to get for a long time, which in essence saves me money that I could have spent on full-priced games. So it's good for me and I love Steam for this.
  10. Inglenook

    Inglenook Member Registered

    Steam sales are the most subtly expensive events of the year with regards to gaming for me... but I think I've learned my lesson now, last steam sale I barely played any of the games I bought.

    I really like that you have your library online wherever you go though, it's much better than buying a CD and find it useless five years later when you finally want to play the game. I think it gives a sort of security that gives you more incentive to buy a game and just stash it virtually on the Steam servers, making people spend a bit more.
  11. yohNoce

    yohNoce New Member Registered

    You could alway just use Feautre Points to buy Steam Games.

    Its pretty easy to use and is totally legit. I just got done downloading an app from the app store that would have cost me $6 for free. All I had to do was download multiple preselected apps, use it for like 30 sec - 1 min, and then delete it after if you dont want it. Thats it! You can cash out with prizes they give you ranging from Amazon/eBay/Microsoft/PayPal/Starbucks giftcards to AppStore credit amd also Steam Credit once you reach a certain amount of points (Each App has a certain amount of points rewarded when downloading). You'll never have to spend money on an app again :)

    Use my referal code: WH478X
    this will give you an extra 50 points to help you start off:)

    here is the website to download the app:
  12. glen

    glen Member Registered

    I really just get what I can for free on Steam, or just wait for sales. In my opinion, I feel that I'm saving money, especially compared to consoles.
    Really, you can get a lot of quality games for free off Steam if you know where to look for announcements.
  13. Supreme

    Supreme New Member Registered

    I agree games on Steam are cheap especially when on sale. However, I still do not like buying from Steam because I like games on physical disks. Therefore, I do not find myself spending more actually.
  14. gillman

    gillman PC Editor Staff Member

    I love steam. I have ALWAYS hated physical copies of PC games.

    (Old angry man time)

    PC games never came in standard boxes for the longest times. You could get this weird shaped hexagon that was only designed to make it stand out on the shelf. Most of the time the contents didn't even fit that well back into it once out. So that would mean you just threw the cardboard outer case away and kept the CD case and either 2 pages of instructions or a novel telling you how city planning worked. You then had this weird era in the early 2000s when a game would fully install on your computer but still require a CD check before it would start. After it made sure the CD was there it would never touch it again. Awesome.

    Steam saved me from those nightmares. It also allowed me to make some of the worst purchasing choices in my life to date. (Euro Truck Sim I am looking at you)
  15. dpatel304

    dpatel304 Member Registered

    I agree regarding the double-edged sword. On one hand, it's great that so many reasonably priced games are available to me, but all the sales and huge selection just make me spend more. I'd say I get more bank for my buck these days, but more buck is being spent. Doesn't help that it's so damn easy to buy a game. Once upon a time, I'd have to drive down to gamestop and then spend an hour installing the damn game.
  16. Goldie

    Goldie Member Registered

    I agree. The sales are definitely very tempting, but I just try and control myself a bit more since that is the price of convenience. Just a few years ago if I wanted a game I'd have to wait a day or two to go to the store and get myself a physical copy but now that I can just download it I know I have to be a bit more responsible with it.
  17. Alphawolfdog

    Alphawolfdog New Member Registered

    Of course not, I tend not to spend a lot of money on Steam games unless it's something I really want. Usually if I buy a game it's from a bundle. Around 60% of the games in my library are free-to-play but I usually end up playing the paid games more. I'm pretty wary with my money so if I see something I want, but not too much I'll try to avoid it until it either become cheaper or until I move onto something else.
  18. pcgamer

    pcgamer Member Registered

    I am in the same boat man. It seems like Steam Sales are a curse for me. I have brought some really weird games just because they were so cheap that I couldn't resist giving it a go. I have bought games like Surgeon Simulator that makes no sense at all.
  19. Squigly

    Squigly Undead Gamer Registered

    I have bought a fair amount of Steam games, but I feel that it is not that much money spent when compared to other recreational activities like clubbing, drinking, or going to the movies.

    Also the advent of the Steam Community Market has helped to save me some money when it comes to spending on games. I can sell steam trading cards or item drops from games like DotA and CS:GO to fund my game purchases.
  20. gillman

    gillman PC Editor Staff Member

    Agricultural Simulator. The worst is when I have a handful of beers and something STUPID that is under five dollars and keep telling myself "hey, this will be fun to stream" and then everyone I stream with tells me that I am a fucking moron and should never have wasted my money. I now have like 30 of those games. I am not a proud man.

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