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Discussion in 'Sony PSP / Vita' started by TonyMHFan, Dec 14, 2014.

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    I haven't fanboyed the Vita in the slightest and its pretty damn sad that you're calling me one considering I've very openly spoke of the Vita's shortcomings and never professed it to be the greatest thing ever. The underlying point I have been making through every word I type is that the Vita is a fine console worth owning except in extremely particular situations. I.E. I wouldn't recommend a parent buying a Vita for their kid and in fact advise the 3DS. The Vita has been going hard for the kids market this past year though, so I could sing a different tune Q4 2015.

    I didn't say those things. In fact, I even said it wouldn't likely beat the PS3's, but by all means avoid a discussion by being a drama queen. Very mature.



    I never said you did, I replied to various points you brought up about it.

    I wholly agree with the former point it is lower specs-wise and I never once attempted to contest that fact in any way, shape, or form,

    On the second point, yes, I do agree up to a point. I fully acknowledge the PS3 has a better library at the moment than the Vita, but I will repeat that its not really something to be unexpected considering the massive age gap. The 10 year old device should have more games than the 3 year old device. I don't believe the Vita is far off of it and there's a great chance that if the PS4 puts even more Vitas into people's hands - as it has been doing since release - that the Vita can actually surpass the PS3. Did you know that through their first three years the Vita has more games released and more First Party support than the PS3?

    Sure, but that sure as hell hasn't been a single contention of yours at any point in this thread.

    I'm not really big on Asian games, though I'm not opposed to most of them. I'm certainly quite fond of Indies though as they do comprise the majority of my library.

    I deny it lacks heavily as I have posted quite a few Western AAAs in this thread and surely didn't mention them all, but I would agree as I have stated elsewhere that the future looks bleak for many more of them.
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    You forget that every Halo that came out for the original Xbox was actually also available for the PC, it's just that the Xbox version was the "definitive version". I'm just arguing saying a game is a must have is a case to case thing. We've got a couple of people in this thread, multiple people I know personally, and obviously millions of Vita sales that say something must have been a must have to get the Vita, or else it wouldn't be selling at all.

    Speaking of definitive versions, Xbox One seems to be doing alright for having Thief, Titan Fall, Destiny and Call of Duty be released on competing platforms, the only titles I can think of immediately that had any amount of hype as of late. As it is, PS4 and Xbox One have nothing on it that are exclusive to specifically them that are killer apps, yet because of a strong push on the systems and hyping what's to come and their power, they're selling. When you have a company that doesn't even mention their own system at the world's biggest gaming event, I'd like to think that's part of the reason it's not selling well rather then it's extensive library of exclusives we're repeating to tell you exist down to name yet you dismiss.

    Again, I agree with you that the system definitely has problems to meet widespread appeal and I'm not pawning off that problem with the problems of other systems. I can just see why this turned into something that may have turned personal when you ask people in a thread about the Vita, who listed tons of titles their looking forward to playing and have played to be asked "how many games can you actually play on it?" and that is sucks as a gaming platform on it... I didn't even bother listing the games with weaker competitive prescence that are exclusive that I like the system for like htoL#NiQ, Monster Monipiece and a handful of imports because it felt irrelevant after the first two posts of the thread to prove exclusives exist for the console. The kneejerk response on how this thread is turning out is probably because it felt insulting. But alas, text does a poor job of portraying expressions, so apologies if I personally have come off rude in any posts. Really just looking to contribute about a system I love and probably spend more time on then any other system that'd be considered this generation. I doubt it's much different for Tony considering he isn't "fanboying" either or else we'd be flooding this about Sony this, and PS3/PS4 is also great because that. At this point I don't see how listing names of games that do exist on a console with opinions on said games aren't factual. Just disagreeable as far as opinions go, which is totally fine. The claims you're making are games don't exist on the platform, which at this point seems proven to be abundantly untrue.
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    @TonyMHFan Whatever man, I'm sorry, I don't want to argue with you - we both have our different opinions. I've mentioned that, from my point of view, from my perspective, and if you compare it to all past consoles we've seen up to now, PS Vita has the most anemic library. You say that this isn't true, and yet, mention titles like Uncharted:Golden Abyss (bashed by both critics and gamers as "good, but not as good as the `big` Uncharted's") as one of the systems highlights.

    As I've mentioned, I've got a PSP, a PS2 and a PS3. I've also got an original Xbox and an Xbox 360, that I deem lesser to Sony's offerings. If anything, I should be a fanboy. And I was looking forward to buying a Vita. But since I'm not that interested in mobile gaming, just for games as experiences, I find that Vita doesn't have anything special to offer me that I cannot find on one of the consoles I've already got. It's, once more, a repeat of the PSP's story: awesome hardware, half-assed games that don't take full advantage of it - apart from some first-party titles, counted on the fingers of one hand. I'm sorry if I don't find value in buying another console to play a different version of persona and a mediocre-to-good Uncharted 1 1/2.

    @Kitouski I didn't want to offend anyone as well - I'm mentioning things I've always regarded as facts, not only from my point of view, but from what I've read from others as well. I never, ever saw anywhere the Vita mentioned as a gaming powerhouse with a huge library of must-own titles. What I've read was people crying 'cause it didn't have as many Killzones as it should. And by "Killzones" I mean first party titles from Sony themselves that would show the world they're really behind their console themselves.

    I'm sorry, I realize I sound harsh, it's just that I'm both a realist and a pessimist. I was expecting greater things from an awesome gadget that managed to cram almost-a-PS3 in our pockets. Exactly like I was expecting more things from PSP, and got only a bunch of Patapons, Locoroco's, God of War's and Metal Gear Solids.

    Part of the reason I'm such a pessimist as far as consoles go is that I've also worked writing in (Greek tech) mags. Sometimes writing game reviews as well. I had to be a realist, since I couldn't write that a gadget was cool and someone should spend their hard earned money to buy it without proving it was really worth it. So, I learned how to regard anything from all possible points of view, "spherically" I'd say (as a Greek - it's an expression here, dunno about English :-D ), meaning I'd have to get in each mans shoes. That makes you realize that your personal preferences may easily cloud your judgement.

    For example, there are different kinds of games: RPGs, 3rd person shooters, First Person stealth... So, with the specific case of the Vita in mind, think how many titles it's got in each different category. Think that a gamer could be, say, a fanatic of the FPS genre, or a casual RTS fan that loves titles like Plants VS Zombies. What does the system have to offer to HIM, and not just to a "general gamer", that plays a bit of everything?

    When you view a systems library this way, it starts feeling lesser, a lot more "constrained". Let's use once more the Uncharted example - since it is one of the system's highlights. If you're a 3rd person shooter/platformer/"action" fan, this is the systems highlight. This is the title that will probably be on the top of yout Top 10 must-plays on the Vita. What else can you find apart from that? Are there similar games with the same level of quality and polish? From what I know, nope. I may be mistaken - for I don't have a Vita, but I haven't got it for exactly this reason: it's got "some highlight titles" for each category and then everything else seems waaay lesser.

    I don't know if I'm making any sense, the language barrier is stronger today - must be the Mass Distortion Field we've got running in our backyard.
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    I love how often you just reply "whatever" to me. It's so engaging.

    The Vita has a more anemic library than the Virtual Boy?

    Uncharted: Golden Abyss is considered to be better than previous Uncharteds on the PS3. I don't know where you're getting your information. It's a highly regarded game by critics and gamers alike, there is no discernible difference between it and a PS3 version aside from one is portable and in your hand and the others are not.

    The long list of exclusives, nearly 100 just for the West, disagrees with that assertion wholeheartedly.

    There are more titles than you can count on one hand just from Sony that take full advantage of the Vita. Aside from Sony's own efforts, there are dozens of other games from both Japanese and Western developers that work hard on the Vita.

    I don't expect you to find value in that. I have played a whopping hour of Persona and I never finished Uncharted. I still have nearly 200 other games to go through, dozens of which can't be found anywhere else or are found with less ideal circumstances such as far inferior iOS/Android versions without as much content and without the superior controls the Vita provides over your iPod or iPhone.

    Those people are also blind. Sony has released dozens of Firsty Party games onto the Vita and continues to do so. No, they aren't God of Wars and Gran Turismos, but they are other notable IPs and such. It's not like Sony hands the Vita garbage, none of Sony's games on the Vita have been attributed worse than above average status. That should be viewed as amazing. Instead, its ignored or attempted to be discredited.

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