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    I saw this thread on the internet the other day and replied to it then. It was heavily replied to otherwise

    and generated a lot of discussion. Now that I'm browsing around on here and the Vita section is pretty much dead, I can't see the harm in stealing it for use on here to try and spur some more activity.


    "For this thread, feel free to talk about anything concerning the Playstation Vita, from the games that came out for it to the hardware itself and support by Sony.


    • How does the future of the Vita look?

    • How was support for the Vita this year?
    Please explain your answers in depth, don't just give short one sentence answers."


    "How does the future of the Vita look?"

    The future of the Vita looks amazing.* There are easily 150 games scheduled to release on it in the Western Market in 2015 alone. The recent PlayStation Experience explosion pretty much guarantees that number. These are mostly Indie games, this is true of any console that Indie games are the majority, but its not too significant of a divide between Japanese and Western games. I can't name many Western games offhand aside from Tetris Ultimate, Disney Infinity 2.0, LEGO Ninjago: Shadow of Ronin, and MLB 15: The Show, but I imagine there are a decent amount more to be had especially as more clarity is added to upcoming release calenders from different companies.

    *Unless you want more, new Western AAA games then its dead. Not only is it dead, it was run over by an 18 wheeler back and forth a few times shrotly before an atomic bomb was dropped on it.

    There is no denying or sugarcoating the Western AAA games are a thing of the past for the Vita. Sony has themselves said that these sorts of games are unlikely from themselves and companies through their inaction have implied the same thing, but that is okay. The Vita hasn't sold enough to make them worthwhile for anyone to do.

    It still has AAAs from Japan, it still has Western and Japanese support generally, and it has some of the best Indie support you can find. Its probably second only to PC in terms of the latter, can't imagine a different scenario.


    "How was support for the Vita this year?"

    The support for the Vita was great this year!

    PSX was obviously a huge boon for us. We had 14 pretty exciting titles put out on the big stage for everyone to see and both SCEA's President and, especially Gio Corsi came out swinging for the Vita trying to assure people that it still stands as a beloved member of the Sony Ecosystem. Sony isn't the best daddy in the world and everyone wishes he liked us more than his little princess the PS4, but he isn't the worst to us.

    As maligned as E3 was for showing no Vita on the big stage, even though it was pretty sensible to ride that PS4 wave that has down paid out huge dividends for them, much moreso than giving Vita fans a bit of a feel good story, there was a lot of good and a lot of Vita action that came of it by way of Tales from the Borderlands being announced, etc.


    Here's some of the big titles released onto the Vita last year:

    Top Sony Titles:

    Soul Sacrifice Delta

    Freedom Wars

    MLB 14: The Show

    Invizimals: The Alliance

    God of War Collection

    Sly Cooper Trilogy

    Top Western 3rd Party Titles:

    Borderlands 2

    The Lego Movie Video Game

    Lego Ninjago Nindroids

    FIFA 15

    Top Japanese 3rd Party Titles:


    Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair

    Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus

    Samurai Warriors 4

    Football Manager Classic 2014

    BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma

    Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD

    Ragnarok Odyssey Ace

    Toukiden: The Age of Demons

    Tales of Hearts R

    Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment

    Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA f

    Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA f 2nd

    Top Indie Titles:


    The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth

    Velocity 2X

    Don't Starve: Giant Edition



    Murasaki Baby


    That's a pretty solid sampling of games ranging from AAAs to Indies, with 12 titles on the list being straight Vita exclusives.


    I own more consoles than just the Vita. I own a PS3, Xbox 360, 3DS, Wii, and other such things. My 3DS is by far my second most used system, but even it doesn't get much use. I bought my Special Pikachu Edition 3DS for the express purpose to play Pokemon and it has hardly deviated from that role, which is a huge contrast to what I used to be. I used to be all-Nintendo all the time with my GameBoy, DS, and DSi. Thousands of hours and hundreds of games, lots of great memories.

    All that changed when I bought a Vita before I bought the 3DS and now I am all-Vita all the time. For me, the Vita gives me everything I could ever ask of it and more. All of these things considered the PlayStation Vita without any shadow of a doubt is my favorite console by a large margin and of course as a result I absolutely love it to death.

    Part of the reasoning is that I simply don't have time to play consoles anymore. Life has changed and I have to be out more often, work longer hours, and do a bunch of things that aren't conducive to spending thousands in cash and hundreds of hours of time every year on a PS3 or something. I won't own the big, expensive Vita accessory (PS4) until the PS5, probably. The Vita is at my side no matter where I go and I can usually sneak it a few minutes here and there, suspend the game to save battery, and carry on with completing whatever task I set out to do. This can go on for hours and it can go on for weeks, its just that easy.

    Another reason is that its just so damn expensive to own a 3DS. Yes, the bundle is cheaper. Yes, the memory cards are cheaper...that doesn't mean anything when your games are $40 and don't move from there except for very, very special celebrations like "Buy this game for $40 and get $5 off this other $40 game!!!". I've broken it down in the past that to own all the major 3DS games and all the major Vita games there's a pretty significant difference in cost. That doesn't excite me and I don't buy into it. I acknowledge the 3DS has a wonderful library of games and I am sure if I sat down to play some I'd enjoy them just fine, but I can't justify to myself getting into it especially when big games like MK7 (which I actually have tried and own) and SSB, which are two of the Top 5 reasons to own a 3DS if you're going by exclusives, simply don't resonate with me. I detest fighting games and I'm lukewarm about racers. I also don't have any sentimental attachment to thinks like Zelda, so I'm not compelled to want to play them.

    Above those points, I would have to say the biggest reason I enjoy it so much is that it gives me access to a whole world of games I never could have experienced otherwise without it. PlayStation Plus is the biggest contributor in this and as much bashing as it gets from complete fools is the most amazing subscription service known to man and I get excited each and every month to see what it is on it and to actually dive into the latest games. Do I love every game that goes on it? No, I don't. I'd be lying if I said otherwise, but I'd be incredibly remiss to not deeply appreciate the opportunity to give something a shot for only pennies. It'd cost me a LOT more to take chances on the games without PS+ existing and the sad reality of things is that I wouldn't do so, it'd be insanely cost prohibitive. Instead of that, with a PS+ sub I can slash every games cost by 70%, making its value equal only to the most extreme of sales you will see on PSN, and it will still come out giving me a massive profit. It's truly ridiculous the amount of value that's packed into there. I'm glad with PS+, along with Sony's insane sales, doors I never would have thought to be open were broken into.


    I definitely don't say all that without fulling supporting my statements with my wallet. I own well, well over 100 games for it between PS+ and outright purchases, this Holiday Sale is making me an extremely broke, but exceptionally happy man, and there are probably at least that many I want to buy and would if funds weren't a limiting factor.

    I'm really not a big fan of Japanese games, though I'm not opposed to them like other people and I enjoy the ones I carefully select, so my collection is mostly Indie and Western stuff.

    Western First/Third Party Games on my memory card the moment:

    Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition

    LEGO Movie

    FIFA Soccer

    MLB 12: The Show

    Assassin's Creed 3: Liberation

    Lumines Electronic Symphony

    Need For Speed: Most Wanted

    Resistance: Burning Skies

    Little Deviants

    Sly Cooper: Thieves In Time

    Unit 13

    Wipeout 2048

    Dungeon Hunters: Alliance

    Smart As...

    Killzone: Mercenary

    Unit 13

    That's a pretty rock solid library of Western games, roughly a dozen titles. That lineup wouldn't last anyone forever and I wouldn't dare imply it would, but if someone's big into Western games just that selection alone'll last for long enough unless they simply don't play anything else aside from Western AAAs. A lot of them are older, launch titles but some definitely are newer. I'm sure I sure I have more on my download list that I don't have space for or merely never purchased.


    My most played games this year have probably been, in no particular order:

    Destiny of Spirits


    Table Top Racing

    Pix the Cat

    Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational

    Freedom Wars

    Dynasty Warriors: NEXT

    Rogue Legacy


    Some released games I want to own:

    Samurai Warriors 4

    God of War Collection

    Sly Cooper Trilogy

    Football Manager Classic 2014

    Murasaki Baby

    Earth Defense Foce 2017 Potable


    Some to be released games I want to own:


    Run Sackboy, Run!

    Fat Princess: Piece of Cake

    Super Exploding Zoo

    Oddworld: New N Tasty

    MLB 15: The Show
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    I've always been a huge fan of the games the Japanese come out with and they're not shy about localizing a lot of the weird stuff for specifically the Playstation Vita for some reason, so today has been a really good year for me with my Vita.

    I didn't get everything I wanted that's come out this year, but I got a good handful of it it, including Danganronpa 1 and 2, Hyperdimension Neptunia: Producing Perfection, Hyperdimension Neptunia: Rebirth;1 and Sengan Kagura Shinovi Versus. I also picked up things I didn't get previously that I've wanted, including Dragon's Crown, Metal Gear Solid HD Collection, Sorcery Saga: Curse of The Great Curry God and Tearaway. In hindsight, skimming this list is so Japanese it hurts.

    I'm kicking myself hard that I didn't preorder a limited edition of Demon's Gaze and I still want to pick up Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA f, Tales of Hearts R and Arcana Heart 3 which all came out for the Vita this year. I've always been a big stickler about buying physical games over digital as well as console over handheld so there's a ton I didn't pick up despite really wanting them. The Atelier of Arland series that got remastered is probably the best example I can think of as it's one of my favorite series of all time but it didn't get any sort of physical release when they brought it to the Vita, so I didn't buy it. Then there are games like Nidhogg, Child of Light and Don't Starve that I got on different platforms.

    Looking forward to Criminial Girls: Invite Only, htoL#Q: The Firefly Diary, and anything Hyperdimension Neptunia related are the main things I'm looking forward to in the coming years. Hotline Miami 2, Broforce and Mighty No.9 are immediate examples I can think of when it comes to things I want but most likely won't be getting for the Vita due to them being available on a console or PC.

    I think the Vita is in good shape for the future and while it's not selling phenomenally, it definitely meets a number of niche markets. People who want their hardware in their handheld to be as powerful as possible, are fans of japanese games, are fan of indie games or want to see some of the more gritty games you see on consoles potentially show up on a handheld when they wouldn't be ever coming on the 3DS (think FPSs, God of War games, that sort of thing) will definitely continue to buy and support the handheld so long as Sony doesn't drop it because it comes to light that they're not making enough money off of it.
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    Hmm. This thread didn't work out as well as I had hoped.
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    Don't know what you were expecting, but the Vita has a mixed outlook. It often doesn't receive major, major standalone titles that can help it compete against the 3DS well. Minecraft finally launched on the Vita, though, which was a positive boost for the handheld. The fact of the matter is that Sony needs to give it more support with far superior first party content than what we've seen in the past on the VIta and PSP.
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    I meant I thought there'd be more than just one post in the near week the thread was up.
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    Man, I so wanted to like it, so wanted to buy it, and yet... And yet it let me down. I haven't seen up to now even one title that would make me really want it - I'd put my hopes on Uncharted's shoulders but, nope, it was mediocre as well.

    Sony themselves have given up on it, and I remember some executive laughing a question off and saying "AAA titles don't have a place in its library". Whatever we saw up to now and we're still see coming as far as AAA titles go, must have been a result of earlier efforts from Sony to promote it. From now on, we'll mostly see "indie" stuff on it, until it fully dies. Sony won't admit it straight away, but that's what they basically did - let it die a slow death, while trying to bring in as many bucks as they can until they announce its funeral.

    It saddens me 'cause I looooove my PSP and wouldn't change it for anything in the world. Emulated SNES and Genesis WITH physical buttons AND on the go FTW!
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    The chief of PlayStation only a few months ago stated to expect AAAs continuing to arrive on the Vita, but not to expect any to be an Uncharted title.
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    The issue is
    This is pretty much the main and only argument that sums the Vita's issues up. There's a reason Nintendo is crushing in terms of handheld sales compared to the Vita, and that's because Nintendo has actual first party games instead of Hatsune Miku. The OP listed "Lego Ninjago" as being a top Western 3rd party title, now that's saying something about the quality of western titles being released.

    It was also said the 3DS is too damn expensive to own...what? Generally 3DS games are cheaper than Vita games, and I live in Canada where prices are higher than the U.S. for everything, and for the price of a 64gb Vita memory card you could buy 3 or 4 3DS games.

    Sony needs to lower the cost of memory cards, or ship a larger one with their units, and focus on first party AAA titles if they don't want the Vita to stay a Senran Kagura niche machine. The actual hardware is killer, dual analog sticks are amazing, and a lot of games run really well, but they need to heavily look at what they're doing wrong, which is not providing games for a gaming console.
  9. TonyMHFan

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    This argument doesn't really hold water when you have only two Hatsune Miku games on Vita, compared to like 3-5 on 3DS of varying types, and you had a launch lineup with a metric ton of first party games that was followed up with many, many other releases over the years. My post listed just 6 of what came out last year, are we really going to act like:

    Soul Sacrifice Delta

    Freedom Wars

    MLB 14: The Show

    Invizimals: The Alliance

    God of War Collection

    Sly Cooper Trilogy

    is nothing worth mentioning? That's a very solid lineup that'd appeal to a variety of different fanbases.

    How is this a negative in the slightest? Since when aren't LEGO games a big deal? They aren't going to be game of the year in most cases, but they're not garbage. By your logic the lineups for the PS4/XB1/PS3/Xbox 360/3DS are all atrocious considering they get these games and getting them says something about the quality of Western support.

    It's a fact. I have crunched the numbers several times and Vita ownership comes out to be significantly less expensive.

    I'd love to live in your world where this is a reality.

    Alright, I'm moving to Canada.

    I could go out and buy Smash and one other top flight game for the cost of a 64GB. If I wanted to buy a few year old titles I might be able to squeeze out three if I bring a coupon.

    I love how many 'niche machines' the Vita is. You call it a Senran Kagura niche machine, someone else'll call it a Persona or Disgaea niche machine. It's lovely to have something that's so many things.

    I don't think you've looked at the Vita library's releases or upcoming schedule.
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    This is a topic I'm passionate about, and I'll make a huge post about Vita when I have the free time to. But for now...

    I also live in Canada and am not sure where he is getting his numbers from. In all honesty most 3DS games cost more than Vita games..
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    I feel like the Vita is in a similar situation then the WiiU. It doesn't have as large of a library as competitors, but to say it doesn't have anything is completely ignorant to what they have. Like said before, people who love certain niches will find it in the Vita... tons of different niches. Hatsune Miku, Persona games, Disgaea, anything NISAmerica touches, it's the only handheld with good first-person shooters if you ask me (Borderlands and Killzone are both amazing), it has a much stronger indie niche then the 3DS, the list goes on and on.

    I have to admit though, the Vitas proprietary memory cards cost more then they should be... which is another reason I tend to buy strictly physical. If we're talking strictly physical, Vita games have always been the same price new as 3DS games. Even if we're talking digital, then it's just the difference between a Vita card and an SD card. 40$ is the US retail price for any new Vita or 3DS game, and it sounds like it's the same in Canada as well. A 3DS XL and a PS Vita Wifi are both 200$ retail here as well, so while 3DS can be cheaper when talking the original model or 2DS, even console price isn't much of a thing. Comparing the power of the cheaper 3DS models and a Vita, it's not exactly unreasonable either.

    It's also worth mentioning that the Vita does consistently well and sometimes even better then the 3DS in Japan. I know this is a weak arguing point for a lot of things because we're obviously not in Japan, but it's worth saying when it comes to why the handheld isn't going down under anytime soon or losing support anytime too soon. I'm sure it will continue to sell alright and continue to have games released to it. A system doesn't need to kill it to turn a profit or to continue to be supported; just look at the Gamecube, Nintendo 64, and even older or weirder consoles like the Turbografx-16 where they did well enough even in the US to live a full lifespan.
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    Are we hiding from ourselves the fact that PS Vita doesn't have a big collection of titles? And no, don't tell me "that doesn't matter 'cause it's got title X". It does matter. Because when you have 10 titles on the Vita and 2 of them are great, if you have 100 on the 3DS you've got potentially 20 great ones among them. Simple math. It's not like that in real life, but you can't act like a Sony fanboy, not recognizing Vita's most important shortcoming, its game library, when that, its vast library, was the very reason for which we cherished the awesome PS2.

    PS Vita unfortunatelly sucks as a choice of gaming platform. After you buy it, how many games can you - would you - actually play on it? List them. Try to create a list with titles you wouldn't be able to find anywhere else, that are exclusive to it and a reason to buy it. They're not that many, really.

    That said, nope, I don't think "the 3DS is better". And I'd never buy it. I'd probably prefer the Vita with just two or three titles than anything with Nintendo on it. I believe that all Nintendo's consoles after the SNES are flooded with immature titles and dozens of "first party" clones of already existing games in well established franchises. I think that Mario and his friends suck. It's my opinion, I'm not forcing it upon you. But they suck :-D
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    So much angry fanboyism in this thread. I played the shit out of my Vita and my 3DS this year, and I look forward to doing the same next year.

    I think a lot of good games came out for the Vita this year. Sure we didn't get all the "AAA" games people are whining about here, but most Vita owners don't want that anyways. Off the top of my head I think the most fun I had with my Vita this year was with Persona 3 Portable(actually a PSP game released years ago), Sword Art Online and Hyperdimension Neptunia Rebirth1.

    I'm hopful for the Vita in the new year. Many games like Octodad and Shovel Knight are coming over and I'll probably put some more time into them on the go. Also Hyperdimension Neptunia Rebirth2 comes out in January and review copies have already been sent out so they are confident in it. I almost forgot about my sealed copy of Freedom Wars I'll get to sooner or later as well.
  14. TonyMHFan

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    It does.

    I don't know why anyone would say that, that's stupid.

    This makes no sense whatsoever.

    I'm not a Sony fanboy and I categorically deny that the Vita does not have an impressive library. I own 158 games for it and have no intention of slowing down anytime soon.

    Funfacts about the 158:

    39/120 are exclusive titles.

    48/120 are First/Third Party titles.

    25/48 are First Party titles.

    29/48 are Western titles.

    It's my sole choice as a gaming platform. I own an Xbox 360, Wii, 3DS, PS3, etc. None of them make me want to play them. If I buy a PS4 it will be for the sole purpose of trying remote play.

    Hundreds. As I said I already own 158. I will own that many more over the next year, I'm sure.

    Gravity Rush


    Uncharted: Golden Abyss

    Assassin's Creed 3: Liberation

    Lumines Electronic Symphony

    Persona 4 Golden


    Dead or Alive 5 Plus

    Freedom Wars

    Wipeout 2048

    Killzone: Mercenary

    Unit 13


    Invizimals: The Alliance

    Persona 4 Golden

    That was just a small sampling, 15 titles, of the exclusive games the Vita has. There are several reasons to buy a Vita in that list covering a wide range of interests from Japanese games, to shooters, to platformers, to basically any genre imaginable, and saying so is not fanboyism -its fact telling.
  15. Kitouski

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    At the end of the day I think the 3DS has a more broad appeal and there's still this thing where games are for kids. When you think games for kids, everyone immediately jumps to and mocks Nintendo. The children audience for video games is huge and I'm pretty sure the Vita has none of that, nor the Pokemon community, or the Zelda community... but let's be real here, even wikipedia lists 900 games available for the PS Vita and 603 for the 3DS. Sure this includes region exclusives or PSN/eShop only games, but I think it speaks volumes about the choices there is on a Vita. The 3DS is not the original DS; it wasn't that long ago that people were complaining on how terrible of a handheld it was too because of the games on it.

    More pointing out the facts then just speculation, at the end of the day I'm just a collector with no real "alliance" (unless Sega released a Dreamcast2.0, then all bets are off). There's a lot of negative press these days for video games relating to anything, Sony didn't even bother mentioning the Vita this E3 even though it has a pretty good lineup of titles they were releasing. Tales of Hearts R and Freedom Wars just aren't going to get the same sort of press as 3DS Smash Bros and Pokemon.
  16. ducklord

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    @TonyMHFan Are you seriously comparing Vita's collection to, say, a PS3's collection of titles? I mean, just from the titles you mentioned, there are better versions of Uncharted, Dead or Alive, Wipeout, Killzone, LittleBigPlanet, Persona, Lumines and Assassin's Creed on the PS Vita.

    So, what are the "killer titles" for it? Gravity Rush? Tearaway? Unit 13? Really?

    Sorry, I wouldn't prefer playing Gravity Rush to, say, The Last of Us, or the Vita version of Uncharted instead of Uncharted 2 on my PS3. And, unfortunately for it, PS Vita's sales up to today show many people share my feelings.

    Please notice that I'm NOT comparing it to a 3DS - I'm comparing it to ALL choices available "as a gaming platform" and find it a lesser one.

    As far as portable consoles go, I already said I prefer it to the 3DS - maybe you didn't notice that and thought I was a Nintendo fanboy :-D
  17. TonyMHFan

    TonyMHFan Member Registered

    I would happily put the Vita's collection against a PS3's. I don't believe it'd win in the end, but I don't think it'd be a massive defeat and the Vita will put up a good showing. Just because you disregard anything it has doesn't mean that's what the reality of things is.

    Also, to say it can't beat a PS3 collection, but can put up a fight is pretty damn impressive considering the PS3 is over 3x as old. If the PS3 couldn't beat it, it'd be pretty damn sad.

    Oh really? First of all, Persona 4 on PS3 is not better than Persona 4 Golden on the Vita. It has a LOT less content. That automatically makes it the worse version. Lumines on the PS3 looks like some small type game wheras Lumines Electronic Symphony was, and still is, a huge game. Aside from that, none of the games you mentioned are considered bad except for Assassin's Creed 3: Liberation which is considered average. That you can eke out an extra few FPS if you buy a PS3 version is entirely meaningless, you're taking a slight FPS hit to have an exclusive title in-hand and on the go.

    What is wrong with any of those? They aren't bad games by any stretch of the imagination. Two of the games are brand new IPs not found anywhere else. Unit 13 is a game in the vein of the vaunted SOCOM series.

    Which isn't to say that Gravity Rush is automatically not worth playing. So what that you prefer something else to it? I don't even like Gravity Rush myself. Played 30 minutes and tossed it aside. That doesn't mean I'm arrogant enough to act as if its garbage, other people enjoy it and though it didn't catch me I can well appreciate the time that went into crafting it and such.

    Pretty sure Uncharted: Golden Abyss is considered better by most than the early PS3 ones, so your loss.

    Well, even if it is a lesser device, being a lesser device doesn't mean its not worth owning. The PS3 will be, if it is not already, a lesser device than the PS4. That doesn't mean you aren't advising someone on this site to buy one.

    No, I've read every line you've posted even if I haven't directly replied. I don't consider you to be anything except someone with a big ol axe to grind against the Vita.
    Last edited: Dec 25, 2014
  18. Kitouski

    Kitouski Member Registered

    Historically having a game on the go has always been the "inferor" version to consoles... even so, let's not forget that Project Diva, Natural Doctrine and tons of indie or dual system games (Binding of Isaac, Hotline Miami, Don't Starve isn't even on PS3 but is on Vita) are the exact version with literally no difference AND Vita has been the platform to bring updated versions of PS3 games like Persona 4 Golden, as well as remakes of the Hyperdimension and Atelier series which are better in every way then their PS3 counterpart.

    "Killer apps" come from innovation that people like or way too much money pumped into advertising. Name the last, "IS THIS THE KILLER APP FOR ___?!!?" article anywhere that wasn't there because money was dumped into it or because it was weird and would make a good story. The Wii and Minecraft are both successful on their own merit just by concept even though a while ago they would've sounded a little ridiculous and the release of Watch_Dogs and the entire Call of Duty franchise (which has a budget practically quadruple the size of production set aside for advertising) have had more money pumped into them strictly in press then a lot of people would make in their lifetime. Vita doesn't hasn't really had these things, which is completely different then having good games. Inferior and superior graphical gameplay between a handheld and console (even though it's not always even true in this case) wouldn't be a sole reason a console doesn't sell or else the 3DS wouldn't be doing as decently as it is currently.
  19. Ridge

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    This is something the Vita gets nowhere near enough credit for. Especially in the case of the Hyperdimension series. The Rebirth series is goddamm great.
  20. ducklord

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    @TonyMHFan Whatever man, I'm not into the mood for fanboy fights with no reason at all. It's as you say it is. Vita has a better library than the other consoles available, has better hardware specs and it's actually the best system to own. Happy?

    You've won the world and saved the universe. Congrats.

    I never said the Vita was a bad device. I said it was a lesser one compared to others spec-wise or collection-wise, and up to a point you agree with those statements. You yourself mentioned that we won't be seeing many more western AAA titles on it - and that IS a reason for many people to prefer something else. Although I do like Asian stuff, and little and obscure indie games, not all people share our sensibilities. There are those who want their consoles for titles like Call of Duty, Halo, "The Big Western Ones", and you can't deny that PS Vita lacks heavily in that department.

    The unfulfilled promise of (a) BioShock on it still hurts.

    @Kitouski It's not "marketing" the fact that "Halo was the killer app for Xbox", with Gears of War a close second. Where "killer app" a piece of software that manages to make the underlying hardware shine. I'm not a huge fan of Halo myself, but boy, did every new iteration of it push more and more the hardware... Each Halo title was considered an example for others to follow technology-wise, always displaying some of the most beautiful graphics on Xbox and, later, Xbox 360.

    THAT's why it's called "a killer app", 'cause it something that leads the rest of the pile and, at the same time, you can't get it anywhere else.

    PS3 was luckier in that it had more such titles, like all of Naughty Dog's and Santa Monica Studio's games. Vista doesn't have, yet, a title that doesn't exist in any other form, on any other system, AND is considered "a must have".

    Persona may be all well and great, but it's not something "you can't find elsewhere" - although the Vita may have the "definitive version". It's neither a unique title nor an ultra-impressive one. Vista doesn't lack advertising. It lacks "system sellers", and it didn't help that its predecessor lived a similar life, with lots of good-but-not-awesomely-great titles.

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