Do you watch anime?

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  1. Mika

    Mika Member Registered

    I definitely watch anime. I absolutely love anime. I rarely watch TV anymore because I spend all my "TV time" watching anime XD. I typically watch action anime, preferably with fantasy or supernatural elements. Magic is definitely one of my favorite types of combat.

    There's far too many for me to list off, but some of my favorites were:
    -Ao no Exorcist-Sword Art Online
    -Vampire Knight
    -Soul Eater
  2. Solaire

    Solaire New Member Registered

    Yep, I watch some anime. I don't follow the newest releases and stuff like some people do, but I when my friends recommend something to me I'll usually watch it. I actually enjoyed Attack on Titan so much that I went ahead and read the manga because I just couldn't wait for the next season!

    Baccano was also a great one I watched recently. Hard to describe what's it about without spoiling anything, but if you like stuff set in the 1920s or 1930s you should definitely check it out.
  3. qadassa

    qadassa First One To Buy The User Title Registered

    Is that even a question? OF COURSE I watch anime! I love anime, been watching it since I was 13...(?) But yeah, I love anime.
  4. Narumiya

    Narumiya New Member Registered

    I've been watching since I was a young kid, honestly. That was more than a decade back; I can't believe it. I've had a few years where I didn't watch anime, preferring the shiny new television shows I got when I moved to the U.S. temporarily, but now I'm back to anime.

    I usually watch sports anime. I'm passionate about both sports and anime so why not combine them? Haha. Aside from sports anime, a few of my favorites are: Durarara!!, Fate/Zero, and the first season of Psycho-Pass. The Evangelion franchise is also up there. When I don't watch my sports-loving characters, I watch shows that slowly destroy minds, haha.
  5. gillman

    gillman PC Editor Staff Member

    I haven't picked up anything this season. I normally drag my feet for one or two weeks and tell myself I am going to wait for it to be done before breaking and picking up a dozen or so shows.

    Also, Cross Ange just got weird. Well, weird-er.
  6. Muthoni

    Muthoni Member Registered

    Let me be honest and say that I haven’t watched anime for a long time. When I was a kid they brought anime on a local TV Channel and I would be happy to watch it. Later in life when I moved on my own I would catch it once in a while on a Saturday morning. I miss those moments and should pick it up where I left off.
  7. Tracyn Ordo

    Tracyn Ordo New Member Registered

    I rarely watch TV or shows anymore, much less anime. Back in the day I would watch some Naruto, Inuyasha or whatever was on the TV because there was nothing else on, but for the most part I've never been a huge anime fan. Though sometime last year, I did watch Cowboy Bebop and it was amazing. I loved that series and I almost wish there was more.
  8. dyanmarie25

    dyanmarie25 Member Registered

    I love watching animes so much. :) I mostly prefer slice of life genre such as School Rumble, Toradora, and Special A. I also like fantasy/action ones like Inu Yasha, HunterXHunter, and Fullmetal Alchemist.
  9. Axel

    Axel Member Registered

    Sure do! :) and I love Tutturu. Best catchphrase ever.

    My list is close to having over 300 watched anime and it's increasing little by little. I think by my 30s I'd have watched about a thousand :p

    I watch everything. What I don't watch is anime with overused concepts or a storyline and characters that are too cheesy. These are usually directed towards teenagers and I'm well past that stage, unfortunately. Although there are a few exceptions like One Piece which can be just as entertaining for an adult audience. I'm willing to give everything a try usually, given there's enough reason for me to do so (I wouldn't watch an anime that is rated 5/10 by thousands of users, for instance).
  10. Cyclops

    Cyclops New Member Registered

    In this day and age I think everyone has encountered animes in one form or another. I myself enjoy the 'classic' animes like Pokemon, Dragon Ball Z, Sailor Moon and Digimon just because I grew up watching them. When I started high school I discovered Fushigi Yuugi, His and Her Circumstance, Ghost Fighter and other more mature animes. I like mine English subbed as the original dubbing never fails to impress and I learned how to read fast too!
  11. gamergrill

    gamergrill New Member Registered

    I occasionally watch anime, but it's not my main media for entertainment. A long time ago, I used to watch A LOT of it and now I've branched out to tons of live action movies and genres. However, if something has a strong or interesting story, I'll watch the anime series. I have a guilty pleasure, though. The new movies and TV series for Dragon Ball is something I enjoy watching. It's not deep or anything, but it's fun to see the characters again.

    The most recent anime I would recommend to anyone would be Hunter x Hunter. That show blew my mind with how much the direction of the show would change. Just when you think you had it figured out, BOOM. It changed.
  12. TheViper

    TheViper New Member Registered

    I love anime but I found myself reading manga a lot more usually. The last anime I watched was Kotoura-san which I thought was great. Of course the pervy granddad could have not been something meant for comedy relief. Though, it was pretty solid and made me feel emotions I wasn't trying to feel.
  13. yeppeo

    yeppeo New Member Registered

    I do! I usually follow a couple every season. If you haven't checked Boku Dake Inai Machi (or Erased in english) it is my favourite from the season. I watched around 250 so far, so I can't exactly point what I saw but lately I've been into Attack on Titan and Project K.
  14. CriticalDavid

    CriticalDavid New Member Registered

    Of course, I do! I used to stay up late and watch anime on Adult Swim. I've watched so many so I will just say what are of my favorites. I enjoyed Cowboy Bebop, Requiem for the Phantom, Gunslinger Girl, Code Geass, Clannad: After Story, and many others. I am trying to get back into watching anime again, I have a lot of shows to catch up on. I will try to watch Big Order, Flying Witch, new Gundam series, and so many more.
  15. dihewe

    dihewe New Member Registered

    I don't love anime. Just being completely honest. There's just something about the animation that throws me off. However I have enjoyed some. In my earlier years it was Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon and Dragonball Z. Lately my selection hasn't been that great but I've really enjoyed Death Note and One Punch Man. I haven't finished either, admittedly but they're pretty good so far. I also love Cowboy Bebop, that one's one of my favorites. It's weird because I even enjoyed that one as a kid.
  16. CemeteryGates23

    CemeteryGates23 New Member Registered

    I still watch some anime from time to time.
    The most recent has been stuff like Attack On Titan, the new Berserk movies, Fate/Stay Night...

    Some of my favorites back in the day were Monster, Black Lagoon, Cowboy Bebop, Utawarerumono, Rurouni Kenshin/Samurai X, Ergo Proxy, Fullmetal Alchemist, etc...
  17. hafiz93

    hafiz93 New Member Registered

    Yes, Anime is one of my favorite things to watch. Dragon Ball is the first anime that I've watched and it's also the one that blossoms my love towards anime. Although I started to fully embraced my love towards anime during the era of the big 3, that's Bleach, Naruto, and One Piece. Currently, my top 3 Anime, in no particular order would have to Beck, Haikyuu, and Attack on Titan.
  18. Axel

    Axel Member Registered

    Erased! Yes. Best anime of the season, and might actually be best one of the year but perhaps a bit too early to say seeing as this year is going to be filled with promising titles. Is it just me or is anime rapidly evolving in quality instead of focusing on cliched already-working formulas that we got tired of? Or am I just watching the good ones?
  19. yeppeo

    yeppeo New Member Registered

    I think anime is actually evolving, like you say! Two or three years ago I wouldn't be following (or wanting to) as much as I want to follow right now. And yes, Erased is the best thing. I couldn't wait for the next episodes and I went to read the manga... I'm two chapter from the end and oh damn! I just hope they adapt it well!
  20. Axel

    Axel Member Registered

    Judging from your reaction, it will be epic. Is 12 episodes enough for this anime? Idk how many chapters the manga has.

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