Do you think Microsoft screwed up with the Xbox One?

Discussion in 'Xbox 360 & XBOX ONE' started by techbeast34, Nov 11, 2014.

  1. LitoLawless

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    I have a friend who recently bought an Xbox One/Assassin's Creed Unity bundle and he loves it. He's was a PlayStation loyalist and now he just can't get enough of his Xbox One. I think that in the long run Xbox One will have the better library of games and all of the games that are good for PlayStation will be those that are for multiple consoles.
  2. Maxx Johnson

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    At first, when it was first unveiled in May 2013, I thought everything about it was just plain stupid. I mean, who would want to buy a $500 console that allegedly 'spied' on you, had to be connected to the internet to work, and had DRM? Answer is, no-one would want to buy that kind of a console. Even the name was stupid. Granted, the name is still stupid, at least the console itself isn't all that bad now.

    But, before the release, things began to change. DRM was gone, constant connection to the internet was gone, and thank goodness for that, that was a stupid idea. Most things that people had hated about the Xbox One were now reversed. People still did not trust Microsoft with it, after how much of a flop the Xbox One was expected to be. The Xbox One is definitely not the best console, and I understand the reasoning behind it. Although it is not the best console, it still is a great console. I know my friends enjoy playing the Xbox One, they don't care about the console's inferiority compared to Sony's PlayStation 4, but they just care about playing games with one another.
  3. InsaneDesperado

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    Microsoft certainly screwed up with announcing the Xbox One. They've done a lot right since then, but first impressions mean a lot. E3 2013 was an absolute disaster for Microsoft and the Xbox One, and it seemed to completely change the tide of the console war in Sony's favor. Since then, Xbox One has had more good exclusives than Sony, and they have gone back on most of their anti-consumer policies. We'll see in the long run if that initial screw up was too much for Microsoft to overcome.
  4. Maxx Johnson

    Maxx Johnson New Member Registered

    I definitely agree with what you said. Microsoft embarrassed themselves with the unveiling of the Xbox One, and E3 2013. They definitely turned that around in 2014, making E3 2014 all about gaming, and games in general, which is what people really wanted. They are definitely trying quite hard to win back the people they lost to their mess-ups in 2013.
  5. MakisHD

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    Yes and no. Here's why:

    Yes (Pros)

    Extremely fast switching between tasks (TV, movies, skype, etc.)
    Kinect seems much improved with 1080p quality and more accurate tracking

    300,000 servers for Xbox Live, up from 15,000 last time.

    Controller seems mostly the same except with improved d-pad

    Compatible with Smart glass

    Constant low power state

    Download games while you play

    Capture and editing software (very lightly touched upon during the event)

    Kinect voice commands (useful for when you're holding something, such as food)
    Triggers have feedback

    Xbox controller will supposedly be using WiFi direct

    No (Cons)

    Used games fees (Lots of conflicting info at the moment; policies not finalized)

    Requires a connection to the internet once every 24 hours

    Significantly less powerful than PS4

    Always on Kinect means no privacy, the Kinect doubles as an infra-red scanner, heat sensor and camera spying on your house, family and viewing habits

    No Backwards compatibility

    Indie developers cannot self-publish their games without a partnership with Microsoft or another third-party associated with Microsoft.
  6. lastpage

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    Well this is the first time that I've heard something like this! I've been considering getting an XBOX One too so now I might reconsider and get a PS4 instead.
  7. mett

    mett New Member Registered

    I told agree with everything you said. When they announced that you weren't going to be able to share or use, used game in the console it put me off from the Xbox one. When I found that out I immediately said, "Well I guess I'm getting a PS4 instead". Once they took that statement back, I ended up getting a Xbox One and I'm not impressed with it. Like you said I wish they concentrated more on making it a console of gaming instead of a multimedia consoles. That is where PS4 got everything right. The PS4 is for the gamers and I use the PS4 way more than I do my Xbox one. The last time I turned on my Xbox one was when Rise of the Tomb Raider came out and that was just because it was an Xbox exclusive.
  8. madetofly

    madetofly New Member Registered

    The problem with Xbox one is the Kinect. I'm not saying they are not useful for something, but I never used mine except to log in my account. They Xbox has a big disadvantage if compared to the PS, they are more expensive, not by much, but that can affect a person's decision when buying, and the Kinect is the one to fault.

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