Do you think Microsoft screwed up with the Xbox One?

Discussion in 'Xbox 360 & XBOX ONE' started by techbeast34, Nov 11, 2014.

  1. techbeast34

    techbeast34 Member Registered

    Do any of you think Microsoft lost this generation's console wars? I believe so. While the One isn't a bad console, Microsoft just seemed to make it too multimedia oriented, rather than more gaming oriented. And because of that, they skimped on hardware too for some reason. Also, with their early decisions on things like DRM before the console was released already created a bad rep, and I really don't think they ever tried to do any damage control other than repealing their statement on banning used games and submitting to the public. What about you? Do you think Microsoft could've done better?
  2. smartdude966

    smartdude966 Member Registered

    I just think they should have had the current ceo when the xbox one was in development. Because the new xbox ceo is just about games and it would have been a totally different console and probably would be just as powerful or better than the ps4. Now they are trying to clean the mess up. They shouldn't have bundled the kinect in the first place, that way they could have spend more money on the console. I think they did let sony win this console war, but I'm sure that they learned their lesson this time and will be back on top with the next console.
  3. Goldie

    Goldie Member Registered

    Yeah I think they really screwed up and shot themselves on the foot during their launch last year. I was really surprised at how much they got wrong. The way they showcased their product and its features almost if not truly seemed like they had contempt for their fanbase, the same people who made their consoles succeed in the first place.
  4. joshposh

    joshposh Member Registered

    They created a console that was technologically a step behind the ps4 and some gamers and tech geeks look at that alone and that becomes the deciding factor. Also bundling the kinect with the system and making it more expensive also deterred buyers.

    So yeah, microsoft screwed up.
  5. squallsnake

    squallsnake Editor In Chief Staff Member

    One thing that isn't a big deal but still annoying is the lack of universal options. For example, my 360 knew that I play all my 1st and 3rd person shooters with Invert look enabled so I never had to switch it. But there is (currently) no option for that for the Xbox One. With each game I play, I have to manually set my options each and everytime. Again, not a major make or break deal but curious as to why that feature wasnt made available on Xbone.
  6. Sugarhill

    Sugarhill New Member Registered

    Personally, I think they weren't allowed to truly implement the plan that they had for the games half of the One and therefore, they were stunted in what this generation was supposed to be. They had to take a major detour because of a lot of loud whiners that didn't even know what the full plan was, but still railed against snippets and rumors.

    I think what they were planning to do with the game share was going to be revolutionary and I'm very disappointed that it wasn't implemented. There were a few other things that they had planned, but it became so frustrating that I've blocked a lot of it out. The whole thing really ticked me off.
  7. Nero

    Nero Member Registered

    I haven't been able to play on the Xbox One nor seen any of my friends have one, but it seems like a Mac if you know what I am saying. It is basically a Facebook/Neflix machine. I mean that is all I see it being. All though the PS4 isn't that different, but I again haven't played on the PS4 niether.
  8. glen

    glen Member Registered

    I totally agree that Microsoft strayed from the gaming aspect of the Xbox One. It seems very jumbled and complex to set all the extra things up and use them. Sure, a few multimedia things are nice, it's a bit overkill on the One. I think that they should've focused more on the ease of use and cleaned things up a bit before releasing it.
  9. js85

    js85 New Member Registered

    I really don't think that there's any major problem with the Xbox One. I heard a pretty good comparison the other day which said the Xbox One is a media machine with gaming capabilities, and the PS4 is a gaming machine with media capabilities. I think it comes down to personal preference, and some people prefer what the One has to offer and others prefer the PS.
  10. Morvack

    Morvack Member Registered

    Microsoft shot themselves in the foot with that DMR thing. They did so with a bazooka. It is miraculous that they sold any of them, considering they basically gave the middle finger to their user. The funny thing? A forbes site writer said that microsoft should of stuck with the DMR. If they had a comments section, I would of ripped that writer a new one.

    Tangent thought, if someone is payed to write for forbes, and they think microsoft had a good idea they should of stuck to, how much could I make as a writer if this idiot could do it?
  11. valiantx

    valiantx Member Registered

    Xbox One developers forgot the main reason people use video game consoles for: video games! It's that simple morons at Microsoft, Xbox One division personnel! People have their bloody smart-phones, lap-tops, and computer towers to do their other social or media interactions, they only use Xbox One or whatever consoles, mostly for the video games.

    A many have commented, may be this new Microsoft CEO may correct and improve against the mistakes of the lead predecessor of the corporation, or he may flunk even further into game console moronism.
  12. t0wering1

    t0wering1 New Member Registered

    I think they screwed up by trying to add the multimedia component to appeal to the older generation who want to watch Netflix. I hear a lot of older people refer to their consoles as the Netflix machine. Overall I think the console wars will have to rely on exclusivity of titles so that people will buy the console for the games.
  13. bigbrain50

    bigbrain50 New Member Registered

    I think they indeed lost this console war, but not so much what they did with the Xbox One, I think they underestimated Sony, and took it for granted that they are an American Company so they'd have the support of the most aggressive consumers on the planet, the American people, we've seen it time and time again, with GM and other American Companies, they underestimate the Asian Producers, especially Japanese and they end up Paying for it, just like how Toyota and Honda Caused GM to go Under, in that same way Sony is defeating Microsoft.
  14. dpatel304

    dpatel304 Member Registered

    You have to realize that these companies don't really care about the 'console war'. I mean, to some degree, it is important. If it was all about first place, then Sony would have dropped the price of the PS3 shortly after they started losing to the 360.

    MS made a calculated risk with the Xbox One. It seems like they made the console more profitable for them, but, in doing so, alienated some of their potential consumers.

    You're right, though. I think they underestimated Sony. I think a lot of people did. I've always been a Sony fan, but I was really impressed by how well they handled this generation. I think MS's most profitable customers come from the US. They are the ones paying for Live, buying DLC, buying games the day they come out, and buying Kinect. That is what MS was focusing on. I'm sure they would much rather sell one Xbox one in the US, rather than 5 in a third world country. I'm totally pulling that out of my ass, but seeing as how a lot of the Xbox One features don't even work outside the US, it's clear their focus is solely on that country, and I'm sure it pays them well.

    They aren't looking to win any console war, they are looking to get into our living rooms with Kinect and offer us services for our TVs.
  15. Dan Kirichok

    Dan Kirichok New Member Registered

    I think the xbox one screwed up with the reveal of it when they announced that there would be bad features such as games you own could only be exclusively played on your console and that the xbox one had to be connected to the internet at least once every 24 hours for you to play online. Luckily Microsoft listened to all the hate these features got and they reversed them. I think the xbox one is currently behind the PS4 in terms in what it can do but the xbox one has a lot to work with in terms of entertainment purposes. It has the Kinect which although now seems pretty useless for the most part but who knows what they will do with it in the future. I think xbox one isn't the winner yet but it has the tools to become good in the future.
  16. teabwoi

    teabwoi Member Registered

    I agree with most that it being said in this thread. It seemed to me that when they created the console that they were more concerned with creating a console that had so much features and honestly they forgot why everyone was so in love with the Xbox 360. We loved the 360 because it was all about the gaming experience and they completely by passed all of that and created a console that had too many features.
  17. Nate5

    Nate5 Member Registered

    I agree that the XBox One could have been much better. The mistake-laden launch already turned me away from buying it. My friends who have bought it said that aside from using it for Netflix (which they can do just as well on their computer), they haven't really been doing much gaming on it. However, I'm still optimistic for the next generation, and I'm hoping for some better leadership.
  18. Kuzan

    Kuzan Member Registered

    Initially? Yeah. I've never seen such a royal screw up for a console in forever. It turned me away for such a long time. They could've done so much better by having focused on the gaming aspect, as it should be. Look at how the 360 turned out? Just follow that solid model and improve it, not throw it out of the window and go with the jack of all trades, master of none approach. At the very least now the change they did in leadership did some good. You got Spencer who's focused on gaming and making good decisions. They keep going in the right track, and they might get a purchase from me.

    Also, TV. TV. TV.
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  19. Atlas_Hope

    Atlas_Hope Member Registered

    I think initially they screwed up with all their internet, DRM stuff which is what was the final straw that helped me to choose getting a PS4 over it. The best decision was choosing to get rid of all that stuff and focus on what consumers wanted, a gaming console. Whilst I have no interest in getting one since I'm happy with my PS4, listening to consumer responses helped them sell a lot more consoles they would have if they had gone with their original plan.
  20. fjellse

    fjellse New Member Registered

    Yeah, I think it's general consensus that they made some pretty big blunders out the gate, but they have really picked it up.

    Phil Spencer, the new head of the Xbox division, seems like a class act. He represents the brand really well, and he communicates with the community all the time. In fact, the reason I bought an Xbox One is because his and the company's impression of commitment and turnaround really impressed me. Plus, I like that it has a focus on being an entertainment unit.

    If you think about last generation, the PS3 had a weak start out the gate but it eventually caught up. Only time will tell, but I think Microsoft is making a lot of good decisions after a rocky start.

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