This always seems to happen...


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Aug 8, 2019
Hello everyone,,
I seem to go through "phases" I guess you could call them. For a while I'll be an XBox gamer, a PS2 for a while, and a GameCuber for a while. Now I'm not trying to sound like a fanboy because I absolutely love XBox (it has my biggest library of games), and I love PS2. However, it always seems like it's Nintendo I come back to and say, ''wow, this is what gaming is all about." I just feel like Nintendo are the ones that really put the game in videogame. It's hard for me to explain but with games like GTA, sure you're playing a game, but the fact that it feels so cinematic, it feels more like something else than a game. I guess one could say we're too focused on realism other than great gameplay... and rather than great gameplay, we get rather basic and mediocre gameplay just to hold us in.

Now you take a look at Nintendo. They've been recycling the same characters for over 20 years now... You'd think we'd be sick of them, but the thing is, we are not. Anytime a new Mario comes out everyone is all over it. Now you take some other game, I'll say GTA, you take the same characters and use them in sequel after sequel, no one would go for it, and why is that? Because the gameplay is so basic, and you can only find running over people fun for so long.

What sparked this is my recent purchase of the Nintendo DS. I only have Mario Kart for it, but it's one of the most enjoyable games I've played since, welll... Double Dash haha. I've enjoyed games for other systems here and there, but not like I do with Nintendo.

Maybe someone can explain what I'm trying to say better....