The ULTIMATE Streetpass


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Sep 20, 2015
I bought the 3DS when it first came out and since I worked for GameStop, I was crazy about StreetPasses. I encourged customers to bring their 3DS in all the time so we can get puzzle pieces, I was obsessed to say the least. Customers who were even just going to Safeway nextdoor would stop by for a Streetpass. Then one day, I was leaving work, driving up an overpass and as I looked in my mirror, getting ready to merge lanes, that's when I saw it. My 3DS was flying in the air, AR cards spinning seeing the ? box 6 or 7 times. I made an immediate U-turn to rescue my prized possession. And there it was, in 2 pieces, broken completely in half, my poor 3DS. How did I manage to put something on the roof of my car?? I NEVER DO THAT. *sigh* RIP.

I replaced it 2 days later, but had to explain to 20+ people what happened to my 3DS and why they were "meeting me for the first time".
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