regarding update #22 Matchmaking associated troubles


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Oct 16, 2018
hello everybody,

We’re conscious that lots of you are having a terrible revel in with the current changes to matchmaking that went stay in update #22. The purpose of these upgrades is to re-permit map selection and offer a better game experience and quicker queue times.

The improved system is intended to routinely ship players to the location that gives the lowest ping, however unfortunately an mistakes related to ping calculation passed off and the participant’s location wasn’t being identified effectively, resulting in them being placed into fits in a place that didn’t provide the most efficient gameplay experience. due to the huge wide variety of gamers tormented by this problem, the gameplay revel in for plenty players has been impacted negatively and we clearly apologize for this.

in the last 24 hours we deployed an initial restore to prevent players from connecting to the wrong neighborhood vicinity. The team is actively working to solve the remaining issues in a fix we anticipate to deploy next week, which also includes a exchange to prioritize matching gamers with teammates who communicate the equal language, to enhance the participant revel in.

as soon as deployed, the system will now properly prioritize putting gamers into fits on servers in their neighborhood vicinity. in the event of immoderate queue times due to a small matchmaking pool, the next closest place might be chosen to make certain players aren’t stuck matchmaking indefinitely.

We remember the fact that problems like this are extremely disruptive to how you enjoy the sport and we make an apology for the inconvenience this has induced our unswerving players. Our crew will continue to intently screen this problem, both thru statistics and player remarks.

We’ll preserve you updated on our development and make every other statement as soon as the additional restoration is deployed subsequent week.

-The PUBG improvement and community groups.