Nvidia drivers sure seem very bloated.


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May 5, 2019
Hello everyone,

I like to keep my gaming PC minimal but must haves seem to be a bit fatty especially with Nvidia drivers. From Telemetry services/crash reporter. 3d vision driver, NV Gamepad driver, HD audio driver, etc, etc. By the time I install other drivers that force telemetry and app services I don't use like Killer control center, Intel rapid storage and a host of other things that I can't tell a difference if they're not installed then it all adds up to several seconds off of my boot time. https://tradevenue.se/
Despite the options to not install a few things, it still forces installation of Telemetry, gamepad driver and a few other things that I have no use for. Such as NVtmMon, NVtmRep,NVtmRepCR1,NvtmRepCR2.....system works fine without all that.
Why can't I just install the actual video driver itself like back in the old days? Granted none of this lowers frame rates in games or anything but if it's not a requirement then it certainly doesn't help increase my lowest frame drops.
I used to be able to delete the folders I didn't want force installed, like Telemetry. Now they fixed it so you get an error if you remove anything from the install files. Years ago, fans used to make "custom" or "tweaked" drivers based on official releases.....do they still do this?

Thank you!
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