Moy, virtual pet 1 game review


Great Hero Rosayln(Okage)
Nov 9, 2014
Okay, so I've run into this adorable thing called Moy thanks to a dining and dashing style game on my phone recently. I decided to go ahead and try the virtual pet simulator out for each of the three versions I know about. Thus far, this is my review for the first game.

It starts off with you, the raiser, being able to name your Moy (Mine is called RiRi). The game itself works like a tamagatchi type pet where you must give it food and medicine. You can buy these items using coins you win from the minigames that come with the main game. The games themselves are all super easy and don't quite entertain a person for long. There's one where you get a basketball into a hoop and another where you just tilt your phone around some. My favorite (and only somewhat hard one) is a memory game played in the style of those old Simon light games. However, in addition to food and medicine, you can also buy sounds and customizations for your Moy. All in all, Moy 1 is basically your run of the mill virtual pet.