Have you ever been banned from a game rightly or wrongly


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Mar 22, 2021
World At Arms ... my version is on android tablet ...... using a different user name to the one shown here i have used this for a few hours almost every day for the past 7 years , I have made good friends with a lot of people all over the world that i know i will never meet. I cant make my build any bigger or better than it is...... out of a faction (team) of 30 players 7 players have been banned over the past 5 days , these include the 2 faction leaders , 4 other players and myself.
The only reason given is suspicious activity and we have no right to appeal against the bans. All our team are fair players , we do not cheat or use hacks , in fact if we suspect a new recruit of doing iffy things we kick them out. When the 2 leaders got banned somebody said have you done anything to annoy a hacker as it looks like somebody is targeting your team .
Ok so its only a game but in real life situations you at least get the chance to say ..... no i done nothing wrong.