Half-Minute Hero


Dec 2, 2014
I've totally forgotten about this game since it's been a while, but I just saw that there was a sequel to this released last 2011 that totally escaped my notice. It made me want to play it again.

Anyone here ever played this game? It's a game developed by Marvelous Entertainment on 2009 and it has a lot of old-school role-playing game callbacks, with the sprites and the music and the plot even. Except of course that you have to roam the land, buy your items, level up and defeat an area boss all within 30 seconds.

It comes with 4 single player modes and it was hiiiighly entertaining even though the concept didn't sell me at first. Who else has played it? And was it effective for you or a waste of potential? I want to hear if anyone's played the sequel too since I didn't even know there was one.

Trailer for the game, which includes a lot of tongue-in-cheek narration about the genres and tropes it is cannibalising, haha!