Console Games You Are Looking Forward to in 2018


Nov 10, 2014
I just saw the trailer for God Of War on PS4 and while I am kind of taken aback by the changes made to the character, I have to say it does look alright and the story seems to be good, and that is even coming from someone who doesn't care for the story or cutscenes all that much most of the time. I also found it a bit funny seeing comments from PS4 owners jokingly taunting Xbox owners that they will not get to play such a seemingly beautiful and fun game and I also saw some Xbox player comments saying the same. I honestly don't play that much on consoles anymore and usually I don't mind waiting for the game to get cheaper before buying it but this is one game I think I will get early because I'm excited to play it.

Do you have any console games you're looking forward to buying this year?


New Member
Feb 24, 2018
Hell yes! I've been waiting for two games and those are Detroit: Become Human and The Red Dead Redemption 2.

The Detroit just looks so good from the trailer that we've seen so far and ever since the E3 I've been reading all about it and the "news" surrounding it. As for the RDR2, I played the first one through at least 3 times because I couldn't get enough. I think that the second one will be even better with more activities and new things that will make the gameplay exciting and fun. I was really sad when they delayed it but looking forward to October.