AMD rewards accounts have a MAJOR security issue


New Member
Dec 30, 2018
So with all this RE2 DMC5 DIVISION 2 promo going, I noticed the AMD rewards account have one absolute inexcusable security issue.if you have login and password compromised and hijacked, there is nothing you can do about it.the change password and change email options do not go through email. what does this mean?

if someone manages to get in your account for whatever reason, they can change email directly from the AMD rewards account and they will NOT need to log into the email account used to register, the exact same goes for the password.
there is no 2-factor authentication whatsoever and moreover, not a single confirmation goes through your email.

the only instance where it does require you to log into your email is for password forgotten, to which you will find a link to reset the password.
now this is almost useless because someone who wants to hijack the AMD account will simply click change email and using the password stolen, set the email to their own