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    Favorite gaming merchandise

    There are tons of gaming goodies like preorder stuff, action figures, shirts, etc. It depends on what is available in your country but we are gamers we have stuff aside our consoles and discs. What's yours? I have a Tekken Tag 2 Jin Kazama and a Dead Space 3 shirt (both which I always wear...
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    New Year's Resolution

    It's a little late but Happy New Year guys!!!! What's your New Year's Resolution this 2015? Do you guys even believe in making one each year? Any plans or goals for this year? As for me like for every year, I just go with the flow. I didn't make a list (well literally on paper) because I have...
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    Favorite Sega Game

    Our first system was Family Computer but I never got addicted to Nintendo's mascot up to this day (I do play Mario Kart occasionally though...reminds me of Crash Team Racing). I fell in love with Sonic because of the Sonic the Hedgehog games I used to play in the Genesis Megadrive system. My sis...
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    What are you playing these days?

    Mostly I alternate between games I have in my library. I don't play on PC because I still have to update my hardware/software. I haven't jumped to next gen yet (still need money and a HDTV for it) so I still have my PS3 and Xbox360. I also have a 3DS and PSP for gaming on the go. Currently the...
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    Casual Gamers

    I live with nongamers so I think that I'm somewhere in between. I'm the only one that seriously plays videogames at home. My sis plays a few times of Final Fantasy, Valkyria Chronicles and Resident Evil 6 , both her and my mom is addicted to Candy Crush (I don't even play FB games anymore) and...
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    Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 4

    I'm so excited about this game. I don't have a PS4 yet but when I do, this game will be one of the things I'd purchase for it. I saw the first trailer and it's going to be awesome. The trailer has the Madara-Harashima battle in case you wanna know what's it about. It's for next year and on PS4...
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    Who or what would you like to cosplay as?

    If I had money, I would like to cosplay as Emilia of Dance Central. Especially her costume from the first game. I would also like to own Lili's outfit from Tekken and wear a customized for girls RIG from Dead Space. Also the outfit for Ghosts in Starcraft looks cool.
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    How many hours gaming?

    Me I spent 2 hours minimum. I can play for 5-7 hours or more if I'm not busy or at work. That's for most games. An 30-1hr. session if playing Dance Central on busy days. On rest days, it's until I tire out hehe.
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    Companies forcing us to play online?

    I don't like games that require online connection to play or microtransactions either (I ignore microtransactions). Though I support DLC that extends gameplay (we don't really have a choice do we? Everything's DLC now) like additional songs (Dance Central) and chapters. Never bought costume and...
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    Anyone else get motion sickness from games?

    Normally I get motion sickness when traveling on mountain roads with a zigzag pattern (uphill/downhill). Games? Nah. I watch gameplay before buying a game so I guess I kinda avoided that. I guess if things gets too hazardous on screen (like hell too much Necromorphs/Zombies!) in FPS or TPS...
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    Games you never finished?

    I have a lot of backlog games that I have to return to someday. Once I get stuck, I leave the game for a while. Sometimes I forget since I have a huge library of games (handheld/console). I still have to finish Bayonetta and Dead Space 2 and 3 to name a few. It's also the hype of a newly...
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    Retro Console Controllers You Liked The Most

    I don't really have a favorite controller because I concentrate on functionality and comfortability. I think I love all my retro (Family Computer and Sega Genesis) and modern gaming console and controllers because they provided different experiences. Oh the nostalgia. Sometimes I find myself...
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    What are you guys listening to right now?

    Recently when I'm browsing the net I don't turn on iTunes. I used to but since I'm only borrowing this laptop, majority of the song library is not of my personal tastes. Also since I watch youtube videos sometimes (from videogame walkthroughs to anything). I do listen to Pop music (Ed Sheeran...
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    Upcoming games

    For me it's Tekken 7, Kingdom Hearts 3 and FFXV. I'm so excited about KH3 and FFXV. Looks promising! I want to see what's new about Tekken 7. What's with the ice dude? He feels so alien to me. I also can't shake the feeling that those power moves (pose then attack...whatever they're called) look...
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    Limited edition consoles

    Thank you guys for replying! Why didn't I think of using the reply button sooner (for the posts above)? Hehe anyway, moving forward. Squigly that's so cool. I love bundles. I was an early adopter with the 3DS and bought the blue one at day one (and chose Street Fighter as my first game). To...