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    What are your Specs?

    Built this a year ago MSI z97 mobo i5-4670K Asus GTX 770 12GB RAM 280GB SSD 1TB HDD If you're stuck between buying 2 GPU's for SLI or 1 significantly better GPU, I would just get the one. In my opinion, it's only worth running 2 GPU's if you already own one of them and it's a much cheaper upgrade.
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    Where do you buy your games?

    As a PC gamer, the only titles I don't purchase on Steam are Blizzard games like Starcraft 2. I will occassionally buy some really old games on amazon or GOG, but I mostly stick to Steam.
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    As a PC gamer, what is your opinion on controllers?

    I bought a controller to use with my PC, but I'm yet to actually use it with any game so far. Every time I start a new game, I try both controller and keyboard/mouse, and the latter is always more comfortable.
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    What is your favourite type of game?

    RTS all the way. Warcraft 3 and Starcraft 2 are magnificient in competitive play. I love looking up peculiar strategies and then trying to execute them against other players. While competitive RTS play can get pretty frustrating, there's no other genre that captivates my interest more.
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    What game stands the test of time?

    I have to say Warcraft 3 for this. I still have friends who I go back and play it with from time to time. Not only are the campaigns and standard matches great, but there are so many fun player-created maps. It will be a shame when Blizzard finally takes down Warcraft 3's servers.
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    How much time a day do you spend gaming?

    It's difficult for me to narrow down how much time I actually spend playing. I'm a Computer Science major so I do spend quite a bit of time working on school related projects on my PC. I have a lot of friends over Steam and BattleNet who I will converse with while I'm working, and I'll take...
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    Parents: Do you follow the rating labels when buying a game for kids?

    I think ESRB ratings can be pretty misleading. The "M" rating encompasses an enormous range of content, from just a few f-bombs to near pornographic material. I really believe parents should use other avenues to determine if a game is appropriate for their child; resources like YouTube reviews...
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    Any StarCraft fans here?

    I've probably logged more hours into Starcraft II than the rest of my games combined over the last 3 years. I got to Masters in ranked ladder at one point, but yes, the rage quits are strong with this one. There's something about building up my forces for 20 minutes and then losing it all in...
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    What is your favorite RPG?

    I definitely have to pick Dragon Age Origins as my favorite, with an honorable mention for Fallout 3. DA:O really captivated my attention and immersed me in it's world. I have never binged on a game as hard as I did for DA:O. The combination of great voice acting, character development, an epic...
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    Adult opinions on minecraft?

    I'm a 21 years old computer science major, so I actually really enjoy going on Minecraft just to play around with redstone to see what kind of contraptions I can create. There are also plenty of mods that increase the number of things you can do with redstone. I end up spending 45 minutes...