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    What are you guys listening to right now?

    Walk Like An Egyptian - The Bangles.
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    Hey guys! Recommend me some cheap PC games that I can sink time into!

    Fieldrunners 2 and Citizens of Earth would be two great options.
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    Do You Buy Games On Day-one Release?

    I very rarely buy games on launch day. The last two I can think of have been Jungle Rumble and Freedom Wars.
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    Is a PS4 worth saving for?

    A PS4 is worth saving up for and grabbing. People can say it has no games now, but whether that is true or not is irrelevant, that's not what the PS4 will only ever be. You're also not getting it immediately and in the 6 months - 1 year you hold off on getting the landscape could be completely...
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    Is a PS4 worth saving for?

    Where do you live that a PS+ sub is $90? It's $50 in the US and I think 35 pounds in the UK.
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    Streams you watch?

    I don't watch any streamers, I've never been interested in watching someone else play a game.
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    What do you enjoy in your spare time? (well, aside from gaming)

    I spend a lot of time sifting through the masses of pictures I've taken, fooling around on Twitter, reading a book, etc. Nothing very exciting.
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    Do you still buy PS3 games?

    I haven't bought PS3 games in a very long time. I simply didn't use my PS3 often and with owning a PS4 in recent time the use for it has gone even lower.
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    If you could only play three games...

    My three are: Rome Total War Gold Edition Rome Total War II Age of Mythology: Extended Edition
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    Your decent games

    Mouse Bounce is pretty good.
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    Who knows how to play Chess?

    I know how to play it, but not how to play it well. I get steamrolled whenever I play with someone in-person or online. I'll probably never be much better as it since I'm not too interested in getting better, I don't really have the opportunity to play enough to justify the investment.
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    Persona 4: Golden, Anyone?

    I bought Persona 4: Golden during the last sale, but I haven't put too much time into it. Only an hour or so. It seems nice, but it hasn't held much/any interest with me. I may delete it in favor of some other games. I'll probably come back to it at some point.
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    It's almost time for The Order 1886

    I've been hearing the game is mostly cutscenes and incredibly short. At least, that's what everyone on NeoGaf is saying I haven't played or watched for myself since I haven't planned on buying this game.
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    Sports Games?

    Madden, FIFA, and NBA are what I play most frequently. I've dabbled in Hockey which I didn't like, and other sports, but never too seriously.
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    Do you play Emulator games?

    I don't play these sorts of emulators, I have some PS1/PSP games that I bought which are emulated on the Vita officially, I don't like the whole idea behind them and I don't really like old-style graphics/games so I've never felt the need to go about it.