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    Is Nintendo following Sega's route?

    Wii is NOT a load of crap. It's concept is very good and I think it will live on for as long as parents will buy these consoles for their younger kids. Well, but if parents will decide that Wii is bad for their kids' health because it can cause harm to their joints (overly protective parents at...
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    Any other Hardcore PC gamers out there?

    gamergod, how about we do not wander off from the main idea of the thread? ;) go there if you wish to discuss about hardware, matey.
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    War Thunder

    US planes are really bad at maneuverability. You'll absolutely lose a dogfight 1 vs 1 if you get a USSR bi-plane on your ass/tail. If you want, go ahead and use american planes, but they're very hard to understand, and not newbie friendly. oh, and you get cash according to how well you do in...
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    War Thunder

    Oh boy, that's a long story. Just avoid USA until you learn how to properly play, because you will rage quit every single air fight with US biplanes. Start out with USSR and/or UK. I advise playing with all countries at least once a day, because you get a bonus aaand you learn your oponents'...
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    War Thunder

    You do not want to spend money on this game if all you're trying to get will be dope stuff. You can go premium and get more decals on your plane, buy exclusive planes, buy them earlier in the game etc. Nothing major. ;)
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    How often do you upgrade your system?

    I upgrade very rarely and only when I must (technical problems with a certain part). Overall I prefer consoles in that matter.
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    Any other Hardcore PC gamers out there?

    The fact that you constantly need to upgrade and worry about your machine is uneasy. Consoles win at this, because you get an optimized game with a chance to play it while laying comfortably in your bed or on your sofa.
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    ps3 vs ps4

    These are few years old games... Once again - you're not thinking about the future, mate. If you'll want to play something else than old games, you'll have to put some cash on the table.
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    Best MMORPG?...besides World of Warcraft?

    Oooh, a fellow GamersFirst player! Well, not sure if All Points Bulletin' is a MMORPG, but it most certainly is a MMO, and a good one, that is. The fact that there are premium weapons bug me, but you can oversmart them with good tactics. You should check that game out!
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    The future of gaming

    This is different! Plus, VR get some people sick, so already a vast majority of people are being left out.
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    The future of gaming

    Can't see it happening. The convenience of sitting behind a screen that you're familiar with is playing its major role. While I would love to ride a roller coaster wearing this headset, I'd rather choose typical gaming. ;)
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    CONTEST - Prizes to come!!! Cash, gaming gear..

    I'm always sceptical about these kind of giveaways, but will try my best to keep the spirit going!
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    What game got you started?

    My first game was counter strike 1.6 at my cousins. :D When we got our PC, my big brother got Diablo II from somewhere and OH. MY. GOD was that game amazing then! Also, we played Heroes Might and Magic 3 in co-op. I'm going to say this - one of the best co-op games out there ever made.
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    Post-apocalyptic Fallout 3

    SAVE AMMO. Save ammo, save ammo. That was my first mistake when I started playing - I underestimated the importance of melee weapons, especialy on all sorts of bugs. Save that ammo for humans, mutants and radioactive ghouls, who would like a piece of your precious skin. ;) I'm envying you right...
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    ps3 vs ps4

    Yes, PS3 is still a thing, but you're not thinking about the future. I mean, come on... we will not be bussinessmen, who are working 24/7. Most of us, who are on this forum, will chill every once in a while behind their prefered gaming system, which for me happens to be a promising next-gen PS4...